Bridge High Girls: Laughing Inside

Sophie used to have it all- a happy life, fine parents, and everything else. But when a home drama strikes, everything goes downhill. Her friends are still there for her, but will it always be that way? Find out in the first Bridge High Girls novel!


12. The Happy Ending

Sophie was sitting at the Talent Evening after-buffet. She was tucking into a cookie with one hand, clutching her award in the other. Yes, she had won first place, and she was mega-proud. Her Dad and her Mum barely spoke, but she didn't care. A tall, professional looking man was wandering over to her.

"Sophie Williams?" he asked. Sophie nodded. "That was quite a performance. Nice jokes!"


"So, I'm Mr. Davis, and I work for Spotlight Theatre Productions. Would YOU like to have your very own show, once a month? Like a stand-up?" Sophie's heart skipped a beat. Her Mum, Dad, Megan, Holly and Sadie laughed with excitement. 

"OF COURSE!" Sophie screamed. "Sure thing! I'd LOVE too!" She and her family and her friends had a little celebration hug. Zoey was nearby, and she was scowling, but Sophie didn't care at all. Not one bit. 

Sure, these last few weeks had been horrid. But she was still the same Sophie. She may not always be grinning 24/7 nowadays, but she was nearly always laughing inside. 


                                                                                                    THE END

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