Bridge High Girls: Laughing Inside

Sophie used to have it all- a happy life, fine parents, and everything else. But when a home drama strikes, everything goes downhill. Her friends are still there for her, but will it always be that way? Find out in the first Bridge High Girls novel!


11. Talent Evening and A Surprise

Backstage, it was red hot. People were practicing their showcase whilst lining up against the wall. Sophie clutched her microphone, rehearsing her jokes in her head. She could hear that, behind the curtain, the seats were filling up. Zoey was standing next to her, putting on her makeup, and wasn't very happy about it. 

"Ew, trust my luck that I get to go before Sophie Williams!" she said nastily. "Everybody will be totally BUZZING about my entry- and then yours will totes bring down the mood. Mean, mean, Sophie!"  Sophie just shrugged and concentrated on her jokes. Suddenly, some music started, and a team of very sporty gymnasts skipped onto the stage in their Lycra leotards. One by one, students went onto stage and preformed their act, until it was just Sophie and Zoey. 

"I'm totes, like, gonna win!" Zoey said, as she walked out onstage. You'll see!" All Sophie could hear trendy music playing and the clip-clopping of Zoey's heels. Peeping around the curtain, she saw her prancing about in several different, skimpy outfits, before beaming, posing, and running backstage. She gave Sophie a 'you-won't-top-that' look, and wandered away. Then Sophie heard her cue. She fixed her hair, took a deep breath and walked onstage. Sophie's Mum, Holly, Megan and Sadie were in the front row all together, and they cheered when she walked on. 

"Hey, guys!" Sophie announced, trying to sound happy. "Have I got some jokes for you tonight?! Hey, what did the salad say to the fridge? 'Shut the door, I'm DRESSING!" The school hall erupted into laughter. Even Sophie's Mum was giggling. 

Sophie spent the next fifteen minutes making everybody laugh. She loved how fab it felt when everyone was smiling together. Just then, the hall doors flew open, and in walked Sophie's Dad.

"DAD!" she squealed. "Hey!" 

"Hey, baby!" he smiled. 

"This joke is just for you; what lies in a cot and wobbles? A jelly baby!" The audience chuckled again. But Sophie didn't care. What was super was that both her parents were there. 

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