Bridge High Girls: Laughing Inside

Sophie used to have it all- a happy life, fine parents, and everything else. But when a home drama strikes, everything goes downhill. Her friends are still there for her, but will it always be that way? Find out in the first Bridge High Girls novel!


8. School Talk

"Bridge High was named after a nearby river, which stopped flowing in the 80's. Nobody knows how, but one day it just, well, kind of DRIED. Anyway, that's where it got it's name." Sophie was telling her Dad all about her school- all the ins and outs that he wanted to know. "But, socially, I have three mates- Holly, Sadie and Megan. They're so much fun! Holly is a bit nerdy, Megan is THE sportiest person I know, and Sadie is really fashionable, but in a kooky way. I love them. Only thing is, we're always split up in different classes at lesson time, because the teacher says that we have 'different abilities', which kind of means that Holly is the most clever, then Sadie, then Megan, then me. Not that I care. We don't have any uniform at Bridge High, which is cool. My favourite subject is... is.... breaktime! Yeah, my break. Holly is a total all-rounder, but I run like a headless chicken in sports and my brain hurts in math. I hate lessons!" Sophie felt like talking to her Dad was much easier than chatting to her Mum. Her father listened, putting his head on one side and nodding, whereas her Mum always corrected her and got mad in some way, which was no fun. 

After the chat, Sophie used the bathroom- a toilet in the corner of the bedsit with a mirror hanging above- and got dressed. She pulled on a big, oversized shirt and a Bridge High baseball jacket. An older boy who had left the school a year before had given it to her; Sophie assumed that he was an all-star or something. Bridge High's colours were yellow and blue, so the jacket was, too. Sophie ran a comb through her hair and was ready to go. 

She and her Dad wandered down to the town market, just to have a look. It was quite a rough area, with graffiti and swearing and general rough people. The market stalls were the same- one was even selling sets of false teeth. Sophie scanned her eyes for something good when she spotted- Holly!"

"Hey, Holly!" she yelled, "Wait up!" Her friend looked startled as she turned around, but then she grinned. "Hi! What are you doing here?" Holly bit her lip.

"I live here," she said, whispering as if they were three bad words. "Sorry I didn't tell you, I was just a little embarrassed."

"Why? It isn't so bad here. My Dad's flat is just above the Mamma Mia Pizza Takeaway,"

"Cool." Holly replied. "I don't much like it here. It's a bit rough at times. I get the bus to school and we drive past your Mum's house, and I feel a tad jealous! But not in a bad way, don't worry."

"It isn't as good as it looks," Sophie stepped in, "The houses are almost TOO big. And echoey. And there are a whole load of nosy neighbours. I actually prefer living here!" 

Holly looked stunned- shocked even. "Really? Oh, cool. My Mum would love to hear that- she hates it here. My cousin Carly is coming over from America for the year soon- she moved there when I was three- and she feels a bit ashamed,"

"No need!" Sophie comforted. "It isn't about where you live, it's the fact that you're together! So, had fun at the market?"

"Yeah," Holly said, pulling a box of toffees out of her bag. "I got these for my Granny. She lives with us,"

"Well," Sophie began, "If they pull her teeth out, those toffees, be sure to get her some new ones," She beckoned to the false teeth stall, and Holly wet her pants laughing.

"Oh, Soph, you do cheer me up!" She grinned. "You should be a commedian- enter the school Talent Evening!" Sophie beamed as Holly ran off. 

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