Bridge High Girls: Laughing Inside

Sophie used to have it all- a happy life, fine parents, and everything else. But when a home drama strikes, everything goes downhill. Her friends are still there for her, but will it always be that way? Find out in the first Bridge High Girls novel!


3. Goodbyes and Cries

Two weeks later, Sophie still wasn't feeling any better. It was moving day for her Dad, which was awful. He was carrying cardboard boxes into his van- he was an electrician- whilst trying to put on a smiley face. 

"Well," he said, when he was all packed up. "I'm sorted," He reached over and gave Sophie's Mum a quick hug, and he muttered something to her. Then he turned to Sophie. "I'm going to miss you!"

"I'll miss you too!" She gave him a big hug, and she started sobbing again. 

"But I'll see you lots! We'll call, email, see each other every weekend- it'll be fine, you'll see!" Her Dad did make her feel a tad better, but she still wept. She dried her eyes with the back of her hand, brushed her glossy hair out of her eyes, and smiled. She had to make sure her dad was okay. 

He hopped into the van, and started the engine. He gave a quick wave to Sophie's mother, and blew a kiss and gave a wink to Sophie. Then he drove forward, turned the corner and disappeared. Her mother just walked back into the house, but Sophie kept staring down the road. She felt empty.

That night, she curled up in bed under the duvet and sent a text to her Dad, saying:

Hey Dad!

I miss you so much already. But hey, it's a Tuesday, almost Friday! I'm off to school tomorrow- catch up work as I was off today. I really wish that we still all lived together. Love, Soph xx

She hit the send button and imagined the message whizzing through the air to her Dad. She imagined it flying over the rooftops of her down like an invisible bird; swooping all the way into the city and into her Dad's flat. Just then, her phone buzzed. It was a message back, with just a sad face. Sophie reached for a tissue and cried quietly. But one thing was for sure- maybe her friends could cheer her up? Probably. 

But all she wanted was for Friday to roll around- but then, wouldn't she miss her Mum the same way? 

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