Bridge High Girls: Laughing Inside

Sophie used to have it all- a happy life, fine parents, and everything else. But when a home drama strikes, everything goes downhill. Her friends are still there for her, but will it always be that way? Find out in the first Bridge High Girls novel!


10. Diner and Divas

Sophie, Sadie, Holly and Megan were sitting in the diner in town, munching on hot dogs. It was supposed to feel like a 1950's American diner, but the screaming kids and the teens playing on their smartphones really killed the effect. One Mum was running after her daughter, who was screaming and carrying a big bag of jelly beans, and two teens- Sophie assumed that they were brothers- were yelling at each other, swearing and all. But it WAS the free night; Sophie would NEVER turn down a free hot dog, even if her life depended on it.  She always piled on a whole load of ketchup and mustard on, unless she was with her Mum, who moaned about healthiness. 

"Oh, are you enjoying that hot dog?" Sophie turned around to see Zoey standing behind her. Her blonde, wavy hair was piled into a trendy topknot, and she was wearing hotpants and a bright purple vest. "Don't eat too much, you weirdo- you'll explode. I'm surprised you haven't already,"

"Oi, shut up!" Megan snapped. "No need to be mean!"

"Woah, calm down, don't hurt your tired empty brain!" Zoey teased.

"Get lost!" Sadie stepped in. Zoey smiled evilly. 

"You four are just stupid weirdos who live in weird houses and eat in weird places,"

"Yes, but, uh, uh, uh- if I can point it out," Holly stammered, "But you live in the same kind of house as Sophie, plus YOU'RE eating here, too,"

"Nobody ASKED you, geek!" Zoey snapped, but she sniffed and walked off snobbishly. She turned to look over her shoulder. "Oh, and just to let you know, I've got the new Raspberry 230!" She waved the touch-screen in their faces, and flounced off in her sparkly gold heels.

"She is just ANOTHER level," Sadie declared, munching on a curly fry. Everybody nodded. 

"What is she doing for the Talent Evening?" Megan asked. "Rumour has it that she's doing modelling," 

"I think that rumour is right," Sophie said, glancing over at Zoey. She was striking a pose whilst her Mum snapped a photo of her to put online. 

"But you're totally gonna win!" Holly announced. "Your jokes are WAY better than that girl's poses. Zoey wouldn't win in a month of Sundays!" 

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