Villains themed by: Movies, Video Games & Cartoon shows.

Batman: Batman The Dark Knight Rises
The Joker: Batman: Arkham Asylum (only because he's healthy in that one :))
Harley Quinn: Batman: Arkham City
Robin: Batman: The New Adventures
Batgirl: Batman: The New Adventures
Poison Ivy: Batman: The New Adventures
Catwoman: Batman: Arkham City
The Riddler: Batman: Arkham City

That's all for now..... :)

Please no hate. Your comments will be deleted. I'm just doing this for fun. Why slam me?


1. Prologue

♦P.O.V: Harley Quinn♦

I don't think an introduction is necessary.. Yes, I am the Harley Quinn. The Joker's Henchgirl/Girlfreind and right now my Puddin' is planning something big... Wanna know what it is? 
Well too bad! It's a surprise I wouldn't wanna ruin it now would I? I mean bringing in a bunch of villains from all over Gotham including  my bestie Ivy and Mr. J's not-so-trusted friend Eddie. Aka The Riddler. 
Oh shoot! Did I just blow the secret?! 
Shhh! Just don't tell Mr. J! He's be furious I told anybody! 
So anyways, my life has it's ups and plummets but still, I have the love of my life and friends surrounding me. The only problem? Batman. 
He's been spoiling me and Mr. J's fun longer than I remember. I've become uncomfortably familiar with Arkham Asylum because of that bum. I don't wanna ever go back to that stinky, stupid and worthless dump. Never in a million years. 
Back when I was still Dr. Harleen Quinzel my life was so boring, I never did anything fun but when my Puddin' arrived he made everything perfect. He was my angel. 
Well anyways this is Harley Quinn signing off! 
Don't forget our secret ;) 

Authors note: 
Hello everyone! I am a huge Batman fan! I especially love The Joker and Harley Quinn. I was sitting around one day and I decided to write a fan fiction. I had thought some ideas up but I never actually thought I'd be able to write one and post it. 
Sorry if the prolonged crap, the chapters will be better. Thanks! 
See you later! :) 

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