Villains themed by: Movies, Video Games & Cartoon shows.

Batman: Batman The Dark Knight Rises
The Joker: Batman: Arkham Asylum (only because he's healthy in that one :))
Harley Quinn: Batman: Arkham City
Robin: Batman: The New Adventures
Batgirl: Batman: The New Adventures
Poison Ivy: Batman: The New Adventures
Catwoman: Batman: Arkham City
The Riddler: Batman: Arkham City

That's all for now..... :)

Please no hate. Your comments will be deleted. I'm just doing this for fun. Why slam me?


4. I'll Get Your Coat!

P.O.V: Harley Quinn

"Harley are you ready yet?" I hear Mr. J's slightly irritated voice through the bathroom door I opened it tucking the final pieces of black and red ends of hair into my bun. 

"Can you see any?" I asked turning so he could see my bun 

"No. Are you ready you might be late." He said 

"I don't know about this Mr. J." I said 

"Harley, if your worried about me I'm fine this might help us." Mr.J says I nodded He turned 

"I'll get your coat!" He said I looked down and put my hand on my stomach 

"Don't worry little guy, He's not always this crazy" I whispered. I straightened out my black dress that ended at my knees and walked down the hall Mr. J slipped my black jacket onto my shoulders and pecked my cheek 

"Drive safe my dear. Don't be home too late" He said I nodded I stood for a moment but couldn't contain myself I through my arms around Mr.J and squeezed he grunted but slowly put his hands on my back 

"Oh Harley.. It won't be that bad. If he does anything come straight home or call me. I will be there in minutes and I'll take you home." Mr. J says I nodded and walked out. I got into one of our cars and drove. 

Pregnant with Joker's baby. 

Going on a date with Bruce Wayne 

Clown Princess of Crime. 

What a life I lead. 

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