Villains themed by: Movies, Video Games & Cartoon shows.

Batman: Batman The Dark Knight Rises
The Joker: Batman: Arkham Asylum (only because he's healthy in that one :))
Harley Quinn: Batman: Arkham City
Robin: Batman: The New Adventures
Batgirl: Batman: The New Adventures
Poison Ivy: Batman: The New Adventures
Catwoman: Batman: Arkham City
The Riddler: Batman: Arkham City

That's all for now..... :)

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2. Harleen Quinzel Once More

Authors Note: 
Just a quick authors note!!! I changed it so that The Joker isn't themed from The Dark Knight anymore he's themed from Batman: Arkham Asylum (for obvious health reasons....) 

♦P.O.V: Harley Quinn♦

"Harley!" Mr. J yelled for me I sensed a little bit of anger in his voice. 
"Yes Puddin'?" I called nervously 
"Get over here I need you" he said I skipped down the isles of the clothing store my clown ears bouncing (right now she is still wearing her classic Batman: The Animated Series costume) 
I swung into Mr. J's isle and looked him over a yellow dress shirt and dark dress pants is what he was wearing since our last battle with Bat-Brain Mr. J's attire had been torn beyond my sewing skill aid. He went threw and found a purple tuxedo (his usual one) 
"How do you like this one?" He asked putting it against him self 
"Amazing Puddin'!" I said smiling 
"It'll do then!" He said I giggled as he put it over his shoulder and headed for the change room. 
"See if you can find anything new Harl, I'm going to get dressed." He said I knew better than to ask Mr. J why he didn't pay for the suit. Ha! Like we would.
I skipped down the isles of the costume store.
I hummed as I slipped when something grabbed my eye. It was a sexy black and dark red costume I smiled to myself 
"Oh Puddin' will love it!" I said happily and grabbed it and skipped off to the change rooms. 

I was buckling up the last parts of the top when Mr. J called for me I smiled as I stepped out 
"How do ya like my new look Mr. J?" I asked he checked me out head to toe and then back up
"Perfect, now lets blow this Popsicle stand!" He yelled I giggled but stuck my old costume I'm a clown bag and linked my arm with Mr. J's
"So now what?" I asked 
"Well, we've gotta get everyone over to Lafe City and then we can start faze 2." He said I nodded 
"Ooooo Mr. J this is gunna be so fun!" I yelled laughing Mr. J joined in we laughed together towards the car. 

♦1 Hour Later♦

We pulled up to the secret base. 
"Harley, get the case" Mr. J says I nodded and opened the trunk taking out the black brief case. I walked behind him when we walked threw the door everyone's heads turned to face us. 
I walked and stood next to Ivy. 
"What does this clown have planned?" She whispered 
"Mr. J has big plans, their right here" I said pointing to the case 
"Let me see" she whispered I smiled and went to open the case 
"Harley. Get over here!" Mr. J yells I walk over and stand next to Mr. J at the table 
"Hand me the case darling" he says I lift up the case and it drops from my hands and opens when it hits the ground 
"For the love of..." Mr. J trails off 
"Sorry Mr. J..." I said I bent down and stacked all the papers as quickly as I could 
"Hurry up Harley" Mr. J says I struggle but just pile everything inside and stand up bumping my head on the table. I set the case on the table with a half smile.
"So the plan is..." Mr. J trails off he glances at me I nod and walk back to Ivy 
"Does he know?" She whispers
"Know about what?" I asked 
"That your pregnant" she said I looked at her shocked 
"How'd you know?" I asked 
"I'm a servant of Mother Nature Harl, I think I would know..." She said I felt a nervous queazy feeling 
"How am I supposed to tell him?" I asked 
"Just leave the pregnancy test that says positive in an obvious place. He'll find it so you'll be far enough so that if he tries to hit you, you can run" she said now I was scared. 
As Mr. J carried on with the plan meeting the thought about telling Mr. J didn't leave my head will he be angry with me? Does he want a Joker Jr.? I was absolutely petrified. 
When it was time to go I stayed silent walking beside Mr. J 
"Well your awfully quiet Harl, whats eating you?" He asked I felt nervous 
"N-Nothing M-Mr. J" I stuttered 
"Honestly Harley you can tell me" he says stepping infront of me holding my shoulders 
"Honestly it's nothing Mr. J, I'm just tired" I said 
"Oh well then lets get back to that old place then shall we?" He asked 
"Where? The steal mill?" I asked 
"Where else?! Batman left us with no resources!" He shouted frustrated I flinched 
"Lets go before I kill somebody..." He says tugging my by my bicep dragging me towards the car 
"Mr. J..?" I said 
"Yes Harley?" He says I look at him for a moment, feeling a sudden burst of courage but then it was gone just as fast as it came. 
"Nevermind" I said I guess I'm sticking with Ivy's idea. 
He examined me but opened the door for me I climbed in. 
The ride home was silent I clutched my stomach could there really be a baby n there? I couldn't believe I had a baby Mr. J inside me. 
"Is your stomach or something bothering you?" He asked I looked at him shocked and scared had he discovered it?! 
"No... Why would you think that Mr. J?" I asked 
"You've been touching it all night. Should we stop and get some medication?" He asked 
"Yeah sure boss they'll just let Harley Quinn walk in and buy some medicine" I said 
"You can take off your make up and put your hair up in a different way" he said my stomach had been bothering me and I could use a few more pregnancy tests. 
I crawled into the back seat 
"Your trenchcoat is back there as well Harl throw that on as well" he said I nodded. Took off all my make up and buttoned and tied up my trench coat it went down to my mid shin so it covers up enough of my uniform. I took out my pig tails and tied them up in a long pony tail besides the dip dyes of red and black I could blend in. 
I was officially Harleen Quinzel once more. Mr. J parked in the back he handed me a black purse I took it and walked into the store I just hope no one notices my boots. 
When I walked in I didn't notice how high maintenance it was did Mr. J really have to stop at the GGP? (Gotham General Pharmacy) I walked down the isles I picked up a bottle of Tylenol and some Pepto and I went into the pregnancy isle I grabbed 5 pregnancy tests I turned around and walked over to the cashier. The line wasn't long but I was very impatient. I'm usually patient...ish I guess being pregnant and all... 
I reached the front 
"Hi ma'am how are you tonight?" She asked I tried my best to disguise my voice 
"Fine thank you. How's yours?" I asked going into the purse to find bundles of cash I took out two twenties covering the 35 dollar fee. 
"Good thank you. Expectant mother?" She asked 
"Um yeah." I said it was nice to actually tell someone other than Ivy. I felt like danger was near. I got the lady to put the pregnancy tests in a seperate bag and I put them deep in the purse and lifted up the bag with the Tylenol and Pepto. I turned to leave when I bumped into a till man dropping my bag. 
"Oh sorry miss, let me get that" he says 
"Well, thanks Mr....?" I said 
"Wayne" he said I couldn't believe it BRUCE WAYNE?! 
"Wow, Bruce Wayne... You manage to look spectacular going to a pharmacy.." I said smiling 
"Thank you Mrs....?" He said 
"Quinzel" (in this no one knows Harley's real name) I said he smiled taking my hand and shaking it "and it's Miss" I added 
Soon to be Mrs. Joker ooooohhh Mr. J.... 
"Well I gotta run! Maybe I'll see you around Mr. Wayne" I said 
"Oh please call me Bruce" he says I nodded 
"I'd like to see you some time... What's your first name?" He asked 
"Here why don't you just give me your card" I said he smiled 
"Alright, here you go" he said he handed me a card I smiled and walked out as soon as he couldn't see me anymore I dropped the smile. I'm so lucky I didn't have to go threw that awful dating process to meet my Puddin'. 
I slipped the card in the trench coat pocket and slipped into the car 
"Gee Mr. J I forgot how weird it was to be near civilized people" I said not making an effort to cover up my voice. 
"Are you sure it looked like you were having fun Harleen" he said teasing me 
"Please call me Harley" I said 
"Ok Harley" he said I loved the way he said my name I leaned in whispering in his name 
"Say my name again...." I said 
"Harley" he said it I giggled 
"I love it when you say my name Puddin'!" I said 
"But really what did the boy billionaire went with you?" He asked 
"I don't know he said he wanted to see me again sometime" I said 
"Well hold the phone! This could be a great opportunity! You date Bruce Wayne and when he trusts you enough to bring you into that castle of his steal some if his fortune" he paused to laugh 
"It's perfect really I guess you've gotta date with Bruce Wayne Harl" he said 
"But Puddin'!-" he cuts me off 
"Harley! Just think about the money" he said 
"But I only have eyes for you" I said 
"Oh Harley you won't actually be dating him..." He said I nodded 
"I guess when we get home I can give him a call" I sighed 
"Good job kiddo!" He said I frowned 

When we got back to the house Mr. J turned the lights on and pointed to his desk where the phone was I just finished doing my hair once more back to the same piggy tails I applied more make up as well Mr. J sat on his chair and patted his lap I sat on his knee and he handed me the phone he dialed the number off the card and I waited 
"Hello , you've reached the Wayne Manor may I ask who's calling?" I didn't recognize the voice. 
"Um, can you tell Bruce that it's Harleen Quinzel?" I asked 
"Very well, hold on ma'am" he said Mr. J raised his brows I covered the receiver with my hand 
"Someone else answered I think it's his butler." 
"Good ol' Alfred..." Mr. J trailed off 
"Hello? Ms. Quinzel?" 
"Bruce?" I said disguising my voice 
"Yes, how are you?" He asked 
"Good, I know it may be early but I just wanted to let you know I'm accepting your offer on a date" I said 
"Oh that's good news Miss. Quinzel, are you free tomorrow night?" He asked I looked at Mr. J and mouthed "Tomorrow" and he nodded 
"Tomorrow is good" I said 
"Ok where do you live I'll pick you up" he said 
"Oh don't worry about that I'll meet you there, where are you planning on taking me?" I asked 
"How about the Ice Burg Lounge?" He asked 
That's in Arkham... I pretty much live in the steel meal so...
"Yeah that sounds lovely see you there 8 o'clock?" I asked 
"Sounds wonderful see you then Miss. Quinzel" he said 
"You too Mr. Wayne" I said we hung up 
"Good job my love" Mr. J says planting a kiss on my cheek 
"Oh Mr. J, how will I ever go on a date with another man?" I asked 
"Simple just don't think about it as a date." He said with a chucklehe lifted me onto the desk and got up 
"Where's those dogs?" He asked 
"Babies Mommy and Daddy are home!" I called the two Hyenas we owned ran threw the door locking us I laughed Mr. J loved these hyenas was it possible he could love a real human baby????? 
I hope so. I don't know how much longer I have left until I start to show. I need to know if I, positive pregnant or not... 
I walked by my purse grabbing the rather larger box but Mr. J was too busy to notice I hid the rest of the tests somewhere in my closet and went to the bathroom. 
I sat and waited 
I looked at he clock on the wall I shook the test and looked at the sign in the middle of the oval. 

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