Villains themed by: Movies, Video Games & Cartoon shows.

Batman: Batman The Dark Knight Rises
The Joker: Batman: Arkham Asylum (only because he's healthy in that one :))
Harley Quinn: Batman: Arkham City
Robin: Batman: The New Adventures
Batgirl: Batman: The New Adventures
Poison Ivy: Batman: The New Adventures
Catwoman: Batman: Arkham City
The Riddler: Batman: Arkham City

That's all for now..... :)

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3. Brief My Team

Authors Note: 

Another quick Authors Note! I'm changing Robin! 
He's gunna be instead of the younger The New Adventures Robin he's going to be the Teen Titans version where he's a little bit older... Sorry for the constant changes.... Thanks if your reading it :) 

♦P.O.V: Harley Quinn♦

There was a knock at the door I hid the test 
"Harley? Is everything alright in there?" Mr. J's voice floats threw the door 
"Everything's a'ok Puddin'." I said 
"You've been in here for the last 15 minutes." He says 
"Oh have you been waiting?" I asked 
"Just open the door Harley" he says I make sure everything is hidden I unlock and open the door Mr. J is standing there with his arms crossed across his chest. He examines me
"Are you sure your alright?" He asked 
"I'm sure Puddin' now why don't we watch a movie?" I asked 
"I'm not really in the movie mood Harley... I laid out your medication. I'm heading off to bed. Goodnight." He said I stood Mr. J hardly refused Movie Night. 
I walked into the office and picked up the medication and took it. I sighed dragging myself into the bedroom and changing. 

®P.O.V: Robin®

"Hold back Titans" I said as I walked down the steps of the Batcave. 
"Batman whats going on? You bring my Titans and I down here and then tell me were just plan B?" I asked 
"Robin, it's good to see you too. You and your team are possibly going to be needed. If Nightwing, Batgirl and I can't contain Joker and his goons were gunna need you." He says 
"Don't forget about Harley Quinn. We're gunna need rooms... Got any?" I asked
"Of course, you know where they are" he says I walked up leading Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy and Cyborg to rooms. I wasn't finished I walked down to the Batcave once again 
"Bruce? Can you tell me whats really going on?" I asked 
"Tim, you need to understand I can't brief you yet." He said
"I'm going to need to brief MY team soon since you've already briefed yours..." I said 
"Leaving the team was your decision not mine." He said 
"I never said anything about my position on that team, that's in the past. I only care about whats best for my Titans" I said 
"Your still young Tim. Maybe bringing you down here wasn't a good idea after all." He says 
"Maybe coming down here wasn't a good idea... And I'm not a kid anymore I'm 16 stop treating me like that lost orphan little boy I was..." I said turning to leave 
"Barbara wanted to speak with you" he says 
"That's good for her. She needs to stop giving me pity. Has Dick proposed?" I asked in a teasing way 
"No, I think he's too nervous." Bruce says we chuckle. 
"My team will be there if you need us. Just don't treat us like a group of kids." I said he nodded I walked up the steps 
"I'm going to need you to run the meeting tomorrow." He says I turn 
"Why?" I asked 
"I've got a date" he says 
"Is it our lovely friend Selina Kyle?" I asked 
"No. A woman I met at a store." He said I raised a brow 
"What's her name?" I asked
"Harleen" he said I nodded 
"Nice" I said I turned and walked up the stairs and said goodnight to Alfred and shut myself in my room.

♦P.O.V: Harley Quinn♦

I rolled over onto my back I couldn't fall asleep. I lifted the covers sneakily and tip toed to the bathroom in my red and black night gown. 
I used the bathroom and then ran the tap of the tub. 
I sat on the edge 
"Harley?" I jumped but then looked up... Mr. J. 
"Oh hi Puddin'!" I said smiling 
"What's going on Harley?" He asked I swallowed 

®P.O.V: Robin®

"Robin?" I heard the gentle whisper of Starfire. 
I walked over and opened my door 
"Starfire?" I asked 
"Good evening friend." She said I opened my door 
"Come in. What's bothering you?" I asked you 
"It's this villain Batman called us down to fight... Joker?" She questioned as we sat on the sofa. 
"Don't let the name fool you. He's a murderous monster." I said 
"I just feel out of my element." She said rubbing her arms I sat beside her slipping my arm around her shoulders 
"We can do this. We're a team." I said she got up 
"Star, you know me I wouldn't let you guys anywhere near harms way." I said 
"I just don't feel safe." She said her back to me 
"Star-" she cuts me off 
"Do you even know these people? I feel a sense of dis-trust." She said 
"Star I trust them. Batman raised me, made me the hero I am today"I said 
"How old were you?" She asked 
"10-ish I dont really remember but he was like a father to me." I said 
"How come you quit their team?" She asked 
"I don't know why so much questions?" I asked 
"I don't know what's gotten into me I'm sorry Robin goodnight." She said floating out of my doorway 
"Star!" I called after her but she shut my door I stood not knowing what to do. 

♦P.O.V: Harley Quinn♦

"Nothing's goin' on Puddin' I promise" I said he examined me 
"Are you sure you've been acting funny, not haha funny but... Not Harley funny either." He said I looked down at the tub which was full. 
"Look Puddin' I'm just nervous about the date with Bruce Wayne. I'm taking a bath, want to join me?" I asked he smiled 
"It's late. We've go a lot of planning to do with your date tomorrow" he said walking forwards 
"Goodnight sweets" he said and pecked my cheek. I blushed he shut the door after him I stripped down and climbed into the tub with a sigh. 
Why did Wayne have to pick Ice Burg Lounge? Penguin will no doubt recognize me. 
I blew out another sigh. If Wayne finds out who I am he would call the police in a heartbeat and I'd be back in Arkham before I could make up an excuse. 
I slid and went under the hot water wetting my hair I came up and closed my eyes to relax. I needed to get the test and put it somewhere where Mr. J could find it. 

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