Abnormal people are just people that aren't normal

This is about a young girl that goes to Cheshire High. Her name is Alexa Archer. She seems normal. But she's not. She is a hunter. A Hunter that hints immortal beings. One day she is turned into a immortal child. But there is 1 thing she will not do. Speak. She hasn't spoken ever since Grade 2. People don't know why but if you listen closley when she's in the shower. You can just hear her singing.


5. Chapter 4

Harry's POV 

i carry Alexa to her house. She is so beautiful. I wish I could call her mine. But werewolves and vampires don't get along very well in the real world. Maybe, her and I can bring peace between werewolves and vampires. Only if she loves me back. I hope she does. 

Alexas POV. 

I wake up with an ironic headache "what happened?" I ask sitting up but falling because of the pain "ugh happy birthday" harry says next to me "thanks. But what happened?" I ask looki g him in the eye "you turned into a wolf" harry says worriedly "oh" I say 'you there girlfriend? Alright umm this is your wolf speaking please step out of the bed and ill be out I. A minute' a voice says. I stand up and walk to the middle of the room and close my eyes "what are you doing Alexa?" Harry ask standing up "I'd sit back down if I were y-" I get cut off by my wolf coming out. I open my eyes and everything is black and white "wow" harry says sitting down with his mouth gaped open 'what' I communicate telepathically "your a white wolf. Only 1 every 6,000 years become one. That's you Alexa" harry says 'so what's important about being a white wolf?' I ask "well, you are the queen of ALL the Wolves in the world. You need to find a King to rule with you" harry says as I shift back into human "oh." I say shocked "OH ALEXA YOUR AWAKE!!" Sam says coming in "yes I am" I say "umm Alexa. When everyone turned well. They had to show their wolf form" Sam says. I look at harry pleadingly "umm okay" I say looking down as I stand up and walk outside where everyone was "umm hi" I say shyly waving as I stand in the middle of everyone "SHOW US TOU WOLF FORM!!" Chase yells laughing "you'd be pleased to know that I am bigger than all of you. I am a......ugh screw it" I say turning and growling at Chase "oh, my queen. I am terribly sorry" Chase says as everyone bows to me. I shift back. 

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