Abnormal people are just people that aren't normal

This is about a young girl that goes to Cheshire High. Her name is Alexa Archer. She seems normal. But she's not. She is a hunter. A Hunter that hints immortal beings. One day she is turned into a immortal child. But there is 1 thing she will not do. Speak. She hasn't spoken ever since Grade 2. People don't know why but if you listen closley when she's in the shower. You can just hear her singing.


4. Chapter 3

Alexa's POV 

"okay!" I say enthusiasctically. I look at the time. 4:50! "Shit!" I say running to the closet and wearing the black suit I wore on the night I was changed  I ran outside "CHASE!!" I scream "yes?" He says "it's time" I say frowning "oh" he says frowning as well "GUYS!!" I scream. ALL the guys came out of the house and behind it to the front where I stand "I am going to be fighting my own mother. If I take it too far leave me alone alright? I want her to die at what she did to me" I say cursing "yes ma'am" Sam says "Sam" I pull a straight face. We start walking towards the park. We finally reach the entrance "here goes nothing" I say walking in with everyone following "sweetie! I'm glad you made it! Look who I brought" mother says pointing to....eww Zachery "well hello lil' sis" he says coming towards me. He tries to hug me but I growl and twist his arm behind his back "hello mister Know-It-All. Saying that I'm fucking goth! You man whore" I spit in his face and push him on the floor "bitch" he says hugging his one night stand girlfriend "Zachery, Emily. You know he's playing with ya? He fucks a different girl every night and leaves them the next day! He is a true man whore" I say pretending to cry "is this true?" Emily asks "well-I umm" Zachery tries to find an excuse "PATHETIC!!" She screams and slaps him across the face and walks off "you LITTLE CANIVONG BITCH!!" Zachery screams and charges at me. Just letting you know he has NO experience in fighting and isn't immortal. I grab his neck and throw him to the ground "what?" I say pushing harder on his neck making him choke "n-nothing" he chokes out as I let go "your turn" I say making a hand signal to 'Bring It On' she charges and harry chucked me a knife. I grab her arm with my free hand and twist it behind her back and out the knife with vervain on it against her pale neck "do it! I dare you!" Mother says with pleading eyes. I know her plan. So instead of her neck. I push my hand through her chef and rip her heart out "you dares me to! I did it" I say as she drops on the floor. Forgetting it was my birthday, pain shoots through my body "AHH" I scream and fall to the ground holding my hand together "SAM!! SAM!!" I scream "what is it sweetie?" He asks rubbing my back soothingly "I-it's my b-birthday" I say before passing out to the excruciating pain. Al I remember is harry carrying me to the house before I close my eyes. 


A/N sorry it's a short chapter. I need someone to be Louis sister so she can be friends with Alexa. All I need is your name, personality, if you want to be a mermaid, angel, vampire or a devil, your eye colour, your hair colour (this is for the story. You can make it up if you will), your height and iof you want to be extremely skinny or just skinny. Thanks;) ~angel

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