Abnormal people are just people that aren't normal

This is about a young girl that goes to Cheshire High. Her name is Alexa Archer. She seems normal. But she's not. She is a hunter. A Hunter that hints immortal beings. One day she is turned into a immortal child. But there is 1 thing she will not do. Speak. She hasn't spoken ever since Grade 2. People don't know why but if you listen closley when she's in the shower. You can just hear her singing.


3. Chapter 2

Alexa's POV 

i turn to see my mother "m-mother" I stutter walking back slowly "well it's nice to know you can talk!" Mother says nearing me "Alexa is this your mother?" Chase and Callum say standing next to me "uh-huh" I growl "alright how about we do a hand-to-hand fist fight eh? No powers. No wolves. No vampires. Just me and you" I say smirking "alright" mother says smirking as well 'she'll never beat me that son of a bitch! I am a blue belt in karate!' She thought 'pfft I'm a black belt bitch' I think not to anyone but Callum and Chase "alright! Right here at 5:00pm be here!" Mother says pointing to the green grasses dirt "yep" I say popping the 'p' "lets go!" I say walking away with Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall, Zayn, Callum and Chase behind me. We eventually get to the edge of the forest line and walk through it "hmmm hmm" I hum to the song small bump by Ed Sheeren "you have a lovely voice" Chase says for the 5th time "thanks again Chase!" I say sarcastically as we reach Sams house "SAM WE HAVE GUESTS!!" Callum screams taking us to the back "alright I'm gonna practice" I say dragging a dummy out of the little shed "your not seriously gonna practice on that old thing are you?" Chase says taking it away "okay who am I gonna practice on?" I say "ME!" All the boys but Sam Chase and Callum say (the rest of the boys but harry Louis Liam zayn and Niall don't say it) "whatever" I say "who am I vs first?" I ask putting my hands on my hips "I guess me" Liam says "alright since your a vampire you'll heal" I say. Liam's eyes widen "wait wait AHH" Liam screams as I take a few punches and side kicks to his sides. I do a push kick and he goes flying through the gate "next!" I say amused. Niall comes out "ready?" I ask. He nods. I charge and so does he. He jumps and I do the splits and go under him. I stand and take a few jump kicks and punches. I take a kick to his face and his nose starts bleeding. I jump on to his face and flick him back making him land his back and I on my stomach "next!" Zayn and Louis come out and I smirk. I charge nod so do they. I block a few punches and in 10 secs flat they are on the floor bleeding "last one Haz" Liam says fully healed "shit" I mutter under my breath "I don't want to hurt you" I say with sorrowful eyes "it's okay Lex" harry says "alright" I say charging once again. I punch his face then kick his groin making him fall to the ground "sorry" I say as I knew his face. 'I took it too far again!' I thought and ran up to my room and cried. I cry and cry until Sam comes in "go away" I say silently "sweetie what's wrong?" He asks "I took it too far again" I say as I burst out crying again "shh they're all fine now they are just a bit shocked" he says. Sam and Basel are gay so Basel is the Omega. "Yeah just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I can't fight like a pro" I laugh "true sweetheart" he says "they are staying the night" Sam says "okay!" I say enthusiastically smiling! 

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