Abnormal people are just people that aren't normal

This is about a young girl that goes to Cheshire High. Her name is Alexa Archer. She seems normal. But she's not. She is a hunter. A Hunter that hints immortal beings. One day she is turned into a immortal child. But there is 1 thing she will not do. Speak. She hasn't spoken ever since Grade 2. People don't know why but if you listen closley when she's in the shower. You can just hear her singing.


2. Chapter 1

Alexa's POV 


i lie there not screaming but crying. Not talking. Not moaning as my mother cuts my stomach "why won't you cry!! You worthless bitch?!" She screams making a final cuts in the middle of my bloody torso and left 'I need to hunt!' I thought picking myself up and walking towards my cupboard of weapons my mom doesn't know about 'what to choose' I think picking a wooden stake and a vile of vervain and silver out. I wash up and bandage my stomach also putting on a black leather onsie with black high heels. I walk out and almost make it to the door but get stopped by my brother, Zachery Archer, the hottie in our family/school. Your probably thinking why I don't drive a stake through my mothers heart or do karate stuff on her? Well, I don't know actually. "We'll if it isn't little miss Gothic Girl" Zachery says walking off 'DICKHEAD!!' I scream in my head and walk out. I walk around in the forest listening very closley. BAM! A twig snaps. I snap my head I. The direction it came from and see two pairs of eyes 'shit' I think. They come out to reveal wolf forms 'hello Miss Archer!' They telepathy at the same time 'why hello' I think in a bitchy way 'we want you on our....little secret' they telepath me 'NO!!' I scream in my head but get charged at my many wolves I didn't hear. I don't scream but I cry as the leader bites my side and leaves me to crumble with hiss venom inside of me 'you will be one of us now!' He says and walks off. 

~end of flashback~

that was only a week ago and I am already living in a house of 32 boys and 1 girl. Me. I hate it they are training me and everything. It's a pity I can't transform into a wolf form until I am 18. In 3 days. They are already taking me out at midnight and stuff in my human form "ALEXA!!" My leader, Sam, asks for me. I make my way up the stair and into one of the 33 room in the 7 story high building in the forest "Callum and Chase are gonna take you up the street and get you some things" Sam says pointing to Callum and Chase. I nod and walk into my room "Hey Alexa?" Basel says coming into my room I turn around "why haven't you found you mate yet? It's been a week you should of already found one!" Basel says sitting on my neatley made bed 'I don't know Basel! I've only been here for a week!' I communicate telepathically 'oh' he thinks "why don't you ever talk?" Chase asks coming in. I shrug and walk out with a blue blouse and some tight black skinny jeans with red TOMS and head to the bathroom. I strip and hop into the shower "I'm bulletproof, nothing to lose, fire away, fire away, ricochet you take your aim, fire away, fire away, shoot me down, but i won't fall, I am titanium!" I sing softly washing my cold body with soap. I finish up and put my clothes on and brush my hair, pulling it back into a high ponytail *knock knock* 'yeah' I telepathically communicate "I heard you singing, you have a wonderful voice. So why don't you use it?" I recognize as Chase asking "I don't know Chase!" I say quietly "beautiful" Callum says as I open the door to see ALL Of the boys there "use your voice please lexie!" Sam plea's "fine but not in public" I give in "come-on I need to get a new screen case! Mines broken" I say walking towards the door with my phone and wallet in hand "GO ON!!" Sam says laughing at how Callum and Chase are looking at me. 

~at the mall~

I spot a pretty shirt that had a Milky Way on it and the words 'I'm with this guy' and an arrow pointing to the right 'omg CHASE!! It's harry the guy I like in school!!' I mind communicate "wow!" He says sarcastically as I look at Harry. I sniff the air curiously 'I smell a vampire!' I communicate with Callum. Yes they are ALL older then me 'me too!' Chase says with Callum sniffing the air. I do a low growl and follow the scent 'yo! I think it's comin' from Harry!' Callum thought 'pfft no way!' I thought back 'stop butting into other convo's' Callum says looking at me from a few meters away. I follow the scent some more and eventually bump into harry making me lose my bags "I'm so sorry love" he says and oh that voice! I stand up and shrug smiling "what's your name?" Harry asks with his 4 friends behind him. I smell the air and almost vomit at the stench of vampire that's coming from....harry!! I get my phone out and type 'Alexa' and show it to harry "oh your that girl at the back of the class right?" Louis, his friend, says. I nod "can't you speak?" Liam, another friend, asks 'I can but I don't like to talk' I type "oh" they say in unison. Titanium comes on over the speakers and I can't help but sing with my eyes closed "Km bulletproof nothing to lose fire away fire away ricochet you take your aim fire away fire away shoot me down but I won't fall I am titanium!" I sing not noticing people including the guys were surrounding me. I stop and open my eyes and immediately flush a deep maroon colour "your voice is beautiful Alexa!" Harry says applauding. I walk away and find Chase and Callum "Harry's a vampire" I mumble walking past them frowning. I walk to the park only a few people including me know of "Once upon a December!" I sing softly "hello sweetie!" A drunk guy says next to me "hi" I mumble hardly audible "how are ya? Because I want to fuck you!" He says taking charge. I close my eyes and wait, but it never comes. I open one eye then both to see harry draining the life out of him. I don't react nor scream. I am not afraid. Harry drops the body. His back towards me "our not afraid?" He asks "no" I mumble as he turns around with blood dripping from his chin "why?" Harry asks "because..." I say starting to cry silently "oh honey don't cry!" Harry says hugging me "what's wrong?" He asks letting go "n-nothing..." I say walking away crying "please tell me!" Harry says in front of me in a second "I can't" I say looking down at the ground "why?" Harry asks again "fine. Since I know yours you deserve to know mine. I'm a w-werewolf" I mumble hardly audible to hear "oh" harry says letting go "I really like you Alexa" harry says "nice to know" I say "I like you too" I say looking up to see Harry's lustful eyes full of...sorrow and sadnessand...love? I sniff the air and smell a witch "grr" I growl softly "what?" Harry asks "witch" I say "we'll hello sweetheart!" I turn to see.......

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