Abnormal people are just people that aren't normal

This is about a young girl that goes to Cheshire High. Her name is Alexa Archer. She seems normal. But she's not. She is a hunter. A Hunter that hints immortal beings. One day she is turned into a immortal child. But there is 1 thing she will not do. Speak. She hasn't spoken ever since Grade 2. People don't know why but if you listen closley when she's in the shower. You can just hear her singing.


1. Alexa Archer

Hi I'm Alexa Archer and I am a hunter. Not just any hunter that hunts deers, horses, fish and all that. A hunter that hunts vampires, witches, werewolves, evil fairies all that kind of stuff. you probably think I'm crazy right? Well, I'm not so deal with it. I've done EVERYTHING in the world you could possibly think of. Except one night stands, drugs, sex, my first kiss, drinking alcohol all the yuck stuff. There is 1 thing I haven't done since Grade 2 though. I havent spoken. That's right. I don't speak. I am bullied, I am physically hurt by my Mother and bullies at school. I am the quiet girl in school. The one that doesn't answer any questions, doesn't have ANY friends, likes a guy, hunts and loves food. That kind of gal. But, people don't think so. They think I'm crazy. Anyway, I have the brightest blue eyes that you have ever seen, I have white hair at the top that fades to a light blue, I am 5"6 and am always outside. I'm one of those kinda of girls that don't care what people think about you but in the end I never do care. 

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