No Distance Can Come Between Us [Tony Perry Fanfic]


1. Chapter 1

Abby's POV

I sat in class waiting for this day to be over! I'm Abby Greene, I have black hair with brown eyes, I'm 5'8". And that's how much I can describe myself. "Don't forget, read chapter 5 as homework." My teacher said as we left the class, "Abby!" My bestfriend Valerie yelled across the loud hallways. I stopped in the middle of it and twirled around. "Valerie." I smiled, she can be really hyper at times! Which can get annoying but I can be hyper also.

We put our books in our lockers and walked to my car. I turned on the radio hearing One Direction, "Ugh." I groaned changing the station, "Abby!" Valerie squealed changing the station back to One Direction. I cringed and drove off.

"I'll be back!" I said as I ran towards the bathroom, I sighed. It's been awkward lately since my ex-bestfriend Hailey is dating my ex-boyfriend, Joe. "Abby who's Tony Perry!" Valerie yelled, I ran to my room giving her a confused look. I read the message, it said "Hey, sorry to bother you but you seem really nice and pretty (:" aw. No one ever said anything that sweet ever since Joe and I broke up three months ago.

Valerie was asleep so I decided to talk to Tony even more. We even got each other's numbers. I texted him.

*1 year later*

It's been a year since Tony and I met in person, and since I moved to San Diego since my parents wanted to. What a coincidence. "Abby, Tony is here!" My mom yelled, I put on my lip-gloss and ran downstairs, "Tony!" I smiled as he spun me around. "It's been a two years since we are bestfriends and a year since we saw each other in person!" Tony smiled, I teared up for some reason. "Don't cry." Tony mumbled in my hair. How can I not cry when we're just bestfriends' and you aren't mine. Plus it's been two years becoming bestfriends!

We went upstairs to my room and sat there talking and messing around alot! "Close your eyes." Tony smiled, I gave him a confused look and did what he told me. I felt something cold on my neck, I open my eyes seeing a pretty necklace with a heart that you can open. It was a picture of Tony and I. I hugged him and kissed his cheeks.

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