Barefoot Cinderella

Hi, I'm Elise Taylors. I'm best friends with Ethan Wood and don't tell him but... SHH! I have a HUGE crush on him!! I have since I was nine years old. I'm fifteen now. Six years... and he doesn't know. Here's my story:


From the Author: There will be A/N in the story. Maybe as a full chapter -- maybe at the end. Of course, I'll have contests. By the way. My name is Hannah and Ethan is a REAL person -- my REAL boyfriend. Most of the girls are real. So are the guys. Anyways, I'll have contests. I'll have updates about NEW stories I'm writing. So, I hope ya'll enjoy! :)


2. Welcome to High School

"Hey Ethan." I said. Remember when I told you I told Ethan? Well, I told him I lied and that I was joking. But, I do really like him.


"Hey Halston!" he said, smiling. "Hey Ethan." Julia said. No, Julia and Ethan were not dating -- they were friends. Like me and him. "Hi Julia." We said. She smiled, "Hey Halston!!" she exclaimed. "OK, so, Andy just asked me out!" Julia screeched excitedly. "Great, I told you he liked you!" I said, laughing. "Yeah. You guys would be SO cute together." Ethan agreed, to be honest, he sounded a bit sad. Does Ethan like Julia? Why can't he just like me? Not Julia, ME?! "Ethan? Can we talk for a sec?" I asked. "Sure." He said, smiling. We stepped away for a second. "So, um, do you like anyone?" I asked. "Yeah, there is this one girl. She has beautiful blonde hair; crystal blue, beautiful eyes. She has a smile that could light up the whole world. She's one hundred percent beautiful." Ethan said, eyes glimmering. "Who is it?" he asked. "Someone close to me. Very close." Ethan said. Why can't he like ME?! "What's her last name?" I asked. "It starts with a R." Ethan said. My last name is Rea. Julia's last name is Renee. That doesn't help! "Middle name?" That's what I was about to ask.

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