piercing in my heart

Sabrina shady was a normal vampire walking along a yellow line on the abandoned road till she gets hit by a car and is left on the side of the road find out what happens later on in the story .


2. the secret

    sabrinas pov


oh by the way.  the boys said were one direction and they said im niall im harry im liam im louis and im zayn i said cool im sabrina then we went into a limo i ignored the fact of screaming fans i was quiet the whole ride untill taylor swifts song 22 came on i started singing then when i noticed there were other people around i slaped my forhead the giggled then i felt the fangs and thought oh no not now i cant be still but im warm then  i told them to pull over and ill be back bu stay here they said ok and i ran into the woods looking for food untill i cane aross a dead carcus in the woods with blood freshly splattered on them untill OMG i herd as i quickly turned to see liam there he seemed scared i said please dont tell the others im not going to hurt you or any one he said how can i trust you i said if  i hurt you i will kill myself i know i dont really know who are but you need to trust me then i put my hand on his arm he jumped a little and said ok but clean yourself up first i smiled and wiped the blood off and put away my fangs and said promise you wont tell he said yes 

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