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Claire is 19 year old girl she is a triplet with her two brother Ty and Nathan they are very one Abby's been trying to hold it back but when her parents die in a car crash she can't take it any more she and her brothers and pack go out and do what they do best but can a group of vampires sooth her pain or will she stay like this forever


7. STOP!

Clair's P.O.V:

"Well i'm sorry for interrupting your little party but i could care less," I know that was mean but what do you expect from me an apology

"Well at least I have people who care about me that aren't dead," that smart ass

"Shut your mouth before become my breakfast," I threatened her as her eyes turned blood red   

"Clair its not worth it," Galaxie said trying to stop us from fighting

"Ya Clair lets face it it's not worth getting your ass kicked," that last comment really pissed me off

"Listen bitch I will kill you and your precious little boyfriend if you don't shut the fuck up and trust m you don't want that," I said pushing her up against a wall and putting my claw n her neck 

"Is that all you have,"  turned around facing her 

:You did not just go there," i said 

"ohh yes i did,"

"Shit," I herd Andrew say under his breath "Clair calm down," i walked away from her 

"Wimp," ok she did not just say that I turned towards her and leaped attacking her i had her but then something intersected me sending me flying into a wall it was Louis I guess Andrew lost it to because I saw him attacking Louis. Destiny's mine I dug my teeth into her arm sh tried to get me off but i had a tight grip. I swiped at her face but missed sh ran to other side of the room i fallowed she jumped trying to get away from me but i intersected her and caught her in my mouth a dug my teeth in her side.

"STOP!" someone yelled we all turned it was the rest of Louis friends "put her down and stop trying to kill each other," said he blond one Andrew started t calm down as he turned back into himself he glared over at Louis "Never touch Clair again,        

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