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Claire is 19 year old girl she is a triplet with her two brother Ty and Nathan they are very one Abby's been trying to hold it back but when her parents die in a car crash she can't take it any more she and her brothers and pack go out and do what they do best but can a group of vampires sooth her pain or will she stay like this forever


8. I like you

Andrew's P.O.V:

I just totally gave up my secret but I just couldn't help it no one threatens Clair like that and gets away with it.

"Fine lover boy," Louis whispered in my ear as he walked past I growled at him.

"At least i don't," i stumbled over my words "umm,"

"Leave the comebacks to Clair you just just can't do it," he said walkng away man i hate that guy 

"Thanks for backing me up back there," Clair said coming up to me 

"Well you know..." I started to say 

"Shhhhhh I know," she said putting her finger to my lips smiling "everyone does but i'm the only one that understands and I kinda like you ,"

Galaxie's P.O.V:

"What about those guys," I asked Clair 

"I don't know," she aid looking at the wall "Something,"


Authors Note:

Sorry about the short and boring chapter iv'e been very busy latley but i will make a better chapter. ;) 

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