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Claire is 19 year old girl she is a triplet with her two brother Ty and Nathan they are very one Abby's been trying to hold it back but when her parents die in a car crash she can't take it any more she and her brothers and pack go out and do what they do best but can a group of vampires sooth her pain or will she stay like this forever


5. Good Bye

Destiny pov
"Hey Des," Josh yelled as I walked in.

"if you call me that one more time I will personally kill you," I yelled as I walked past the kitchen "Anyways there are some people waiting in the living room for you," I walked in to the living room sitting on the couch with a worried look on his face was Louis. I ran up to him he got up and gave me a hug

"Why are you here?" I asked him

"Something happens at your school and I was worried and afraid something might have happens to you so..." 
"Don't worry about me," I cut him off

"I'm fine," he smiled his gorgeous smile he leaned over a little closer to my face like he was about to kiss me just then Ty walked in. 
"Destiny what are you doing,"
"who are you," Louis cut in
"I'm Ty and who are you and what are you doing,"
"this is Louis and what does it look like," I explains to him he just stated he walked over to me and put his mouth to my ear.
"we need you some people came to our house and are making us come with them and we what you to come," he whispered in my ear "ok i'll come," I whispered back "hey Louis I have to go," I said he had a heart broken look in his face "ok," I he mumbled when Ty was looking away I kissed his cheek "I love you," Ty rolled his eyes at us "let's get a move on it shale we," is shook my head yes as we walked out the back door I looked back at Louis I sighed as we walked out the door "good bye,"

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