Your next

Claire is 19 year old girl she is a triplet with her two brother Ty and Nathan they are very one Abby's been trying to hold it back but when her parents die in a car crash she can't take it any more she and her brothers and pack go out and do what they do best but can a group of vampires sooth her pain or will she stay like this forever


1. Freak

"Go away you freak," Holly yelled in my face "No one likes you," I glared up at her. She just smirked I got up and walked away. Galaxie and Lilly ran over to me.

"We really need to teach her a lesson," Lilly stated with an evil voice. I just sighed, shook my head and walked in to Mr.Prices room. Right when I started my assignment the phone rang.

"Abby you are wanted in Mrs. Heston's room," I got up, walked out the door and walked to her room at the end of the hall.She was sitting at her desk.

"Abby, um, I'm sorry to say that your parents died in a car crash,"

"Bullshit," I said. 

"Excuse me Mrs.Watkins I know you are upset." She said. I am guessing she was trying to be sympathetic, but it wasn't working.

"Shut the fuck up bitch and don't call me that," Thank god Ty knocked on the door. "Can I speak to her please," Mrs.Heston stormed out of the room.

"What the hell has gotten into you," Great he's mad too.

"Our mom and dad were killed by bounty hunters," I yelled at him.

"I know I felt it," He said sadly.

"What about Nathan?" I questioned.

"I don't know," He said looking me strait in the eyes.

"Anyways aren't you tired of pretending to be someone you aren't?" I asked. 

"Well..." He started but I interrupted him.

"Don't answer that yet, but aren't you tired the pain," I asked.

"well ya," He said.

"we need to do something," I said.

"good point," He said.

"Well of course, I am right like always." right then Mrs.Heston walked in.

"Well Mrs.Watkins what do you have to say for your self," She said.

"Three words." I said with a smirk.

"And what might those be."

"Fuck you Bitch." I said smiling. 

" What!" She said.

"Do your fucking ears need to be checked or something. I said Fuck you Bitch," I swiped her with my hand leaving 4 large gashes on the side of her body. Out of no where Nathan, Lilly, Galaxie, Andrew, Tristan, and Megan appeared.

 "How should we finish her," said Lilly I could hear the eagerness in her voice

"Fast and painless or slow and painful," Tristan said in a slow creepy voice. Mrs.Heston looked up I bent down my eyes were level with hers.

"Lets slit her thought but first cut all her limbs off I stuffed a bunch of tissues in her mouth then took a grip around her neck stopping the air to get to the lungs while the others cut her limbs off. Then I slit her through.  With her blood I wrote' Your Next' on the wall.. 


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