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Claire is 19 year old girl she is a triplet with her two brother Ty and Nathan they are very one Abby's been trying to hold it back but when her parents die in a car crash she can't take it any more she and her brothers and pack go out and do what they do best but can a group of vampires sooth her pain or will she stay like this forever


9. Abby

"Morning ,"  Nathen said as I walked past him ugh I grounds as I opened the fridge "we'll it's nice to see you to," 

"where have you been the past few days," I asked him 

"ohh here and there howed ya sleep last night I mean the people next door hade a huge party and boy they where loud and to top that there dogs where barking all night I mean seriously have some respect for other people,"

"you never answered my question," I said starting to raise my voice a little 

"ok,ok," he said sitting down on a stool "I saw her,"

"Ohhh did ya know," I said while pouring a glass of milk  

"yes I did,"

"what have I told you about seeing vampires," I said setting the glass down 

"not to," 

"and especially not that one,"

"her name is Abby and her eyes just light up when she sees me and I love the wa her shiney hair falls perfectly down to the middle of her back," he said with a dreamy look on his face 

"I know what her name is but still her eyes light up her dark,ugly,deep brown eyes light up what she sees you,"


"okey," Vampires don't light up when they see anything they only care about them selves but he can do what ever he wants

"at least I not dating Holly," he said "Tye," he coughed as he walked in the room we turned to look at him.



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