The Hunger games


When bestfriends, Cato and Annabax get selected for the 74th annual hunger games, and they both have feelings for each other, they must find the road to survival..which is never easy..


2. Two tributes

-Annabax's point of view-

The covers are warm under my feet, and as I close my eyes, I send a prayer that maybe Cato might pick up on the symbols that I love him. I have ever since I first walked into the dojo, and saw the thirteen year old version of him throw a spear across the room, and sever the head off a training dummy.

Sighing, I close my eyes and go to sleep.


Mum wakes me up at about six o clock, as our reaping is at eight, and tells me that my clothes are at the bottom of my bed. I look down there and find a beautiful pair of black tights, and a red prink dress, and a pair of old boots. As far as richness is, its not us. We get along well, but no better than any other family.

I have a shower, and because its the day of the reaping, I get an extra long one, and mum lets me use one of her lavender scented soaps.

I pull my clothes on, and tie my hair up into a ponytail, until mum walks in and says,"why dont you ty it into a bun instead? At least if you go to the capitol you'll look nice."

I havnt told her that i definitely am going. That theres no way coming home, but i take her advice, and she puts some kind of  black powder on my eyelids which tickles but defines them too. Finally, I'm ready to go.

I bend down to Seria's height and look her in the eye. Its her first year."You wont get chosen Seiria, I wont let it happen. You're only eleven."

Seria gulps and says,"But you cant volunteer for me if I do. You cant Anna!"

I Sigh, little does she know that I plan on volunteering anyway, that she has no choice in this, and no one can re volunteer for me if i already have.

-Cato's point of view-

The sqaure is rowdy, I spot anna as soon as she walks in. I dont have a good view of here, back from the eightteen year old boys setion, but at least looking at her tunes out what the mayor is saying. He invites our district escort up, a young man with bright green hair, yellowish looking skin, and red eyes.

I neally lose my breakfast.

He says,"Now to chose our tributes for the 74th annual hunger games!"

Then pulls a nam out of the boys jar, and the girls jar.

"Our female tribute is..."he trails off as though to let it sink in,"Silver Hemmingway."

A twelve year old girl with a slight build, and long blode hair steps forward. Annabax springs forward,"I volunteer as the tribute!"

Silver shoots her a thankful look, and walks back to her age group, to relieved looking parents. Annabax mounths the stage. The escort says,"whats your name young lady?"

"Annabax Herring."

"Well everyone, can we have a round of applause for Annabax?" Everyone claps, and cheers. Except me, its the boys turn next.

"Our male tribute is-," the escort is cut off by me this time as i run forwards saying,"I volunteer as tribute!"

I run up on the stage and say,"I'm cato Merchenery."

Everyone applauds again,"Our tributes,"Cato Merchenery and Annabax Herring."


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