The Hunger games


When bestfriends, Cato and Annabax get selected for the 74th annual hunger games, and they both have feelings for each other, they must find the road to survival..which is never easy..


1. Two Bestfriends

-Cato's point of view-

She flips her long brown ponytail, and laughs, punching me on the arm gently,"stop it Cato or I'll spew all this up. And I'm fairly certain that you dont want to walk home as a human barf bag do you?"

I laugh, and take a swig of this weird tasting drink,"No, I do not wish to be made into that." But still, seeing her laugh is like being blind and seeing the sunset again, after years and years of blackness.

She rolls her eyes and wolfs down another cupcake,"why aren't you eating? We're going tomorrow so you may as well make the most of all of this, even though we will get it in Panem."

I cant explain to her why I'm not eating. I cant tell her that only one of us will make it home, and if I had to chose between myself dying, or her dying, I'd walk into the games without a second thought. No, she most certainly cant know this. Especially not the night before the reaping.

"I'm just not hungry," I say with a slight smile,"Besides, as you pointed out, we'll have all of this and more in Panem."

Maybe I should eat. After all, its going to be my last night in the district. I pick up one of those cupcakes that Annabax sems to like, and bite into it. It tastes like the summer probably, but to me it just feels like glue. I'm going to be dead in less than a month, and with that hanging over your head, you dont exactly have much of an appetite.

Annabax raises her eyebrow at me,"it tastes good dosnt it? Kind of like summer."

"Yeah," I say, taking another bite, and swallowing quickly,"It tastes great. Like Summer."

Annabax sighs, and finishes hers,"I really should be heading home, I told mum I'd look after the kids while she goes and gets the breakfast for tomorrow."

"Want me to walk you home?" I ask, hopefully.

She shakes her head,"Nah Im good, I'm meeting up with Georgia anyway, because she lives next to me remember? Probably not, you dont know her. Anyway bye." She hugs me, and I squeeze her ever so gently, she smells like that beautiful flower in the middle of spring.

"See you tomorrow Cato, and may the odds be ever in your favour."

"See you Anna."

She walks away, her hair flipping in the windy breeze. I could stare at her all day, and not get bored.  Not ever. "Yeah," I murmer,"May the odds be ever in our favour."


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