Trapped With the One and Only... Louis Tomlinson.

When we first met, we were at a party. I guess that's just what we are... The party couple. But tonight, everything went wrong. I asked my boyfriend to pick me up, not knowing he was drunk, and now were trapped in a ditch. We don't have our phones, we have no food... And just to make it even worse... I'm three months pregnant.


3. Waking Up

Chapter 3, Waking Up

When I wake up, everything is dark. There are bubbles of light shinning onto my face and neck. Something warm trickles from my ear to my scalp and I realize I'm upside down. I can't move though. There's something restraining my body from all movement. The dashboard is pushed up, inches from my face, and the window looks like a spiderweb above me. "Louis?" What I meant to say, I had croaked. My voice was raspy and weak, almost a whisper. I heard a rustling noise near me and I slowly shifted my vision over to Louis side. He sat on the ceiling of the car, which let me know that the whole car was upside down. He was wiping small pools of blood off of his hands, but they kept coming back. He sniffled and looked over at me. "El?" I looked at him fully and tried to smile. "Hey babe," I croaked. Louis reached over and tried to unbuckle me, but failed. I couldn't move to help him, so I sat there feeling helpless. He gave up after a few minutes and slumped against the dash. "I... This is all my fault." Tears formed at the back of my eyes and I tried to pull myself free. I didn't respond to him. I wasn't sorry... It was his fault. I didn't want to go to that damn party. I told him not to drink. And I wanted to drive home. But no. Everything has to go the way Louis wants it. Fucking prick. 

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