Trapped With the One and Only... Louis Tomlinson.

When we first met, we were at a party. I guess that's just what we are... The party couple. But tonight, everything went wrong. I asked my boyfriend to pick me up, not knowing he was drunk, and now were trapped in a ditch. We don't have our phones, we have no food... And just to make it even worse... I'm three months pregnant.


2. Rain

The rain pitter-pattered on the windshield as we drove down the highway. "Louis, where are we going?" I have to admit, I was worried. We were in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night and Louis has had not one, not two, but three beers in the past hour. "Stop flippin' your shit, babe, I know where I'm going," his words were slurred. I sighed and sat back in my seat, watching the rain slide down the passenger seat window. The radio static faded slightly and I could kind of make out "Stay" playing. I rubbed my stomach, thinking of how I would tell Louis who the real father of this baby was. Louis snored lightly, disrupting my thoughts. My eyes flicked over to Louis asleep at the wheel, then at the headlights headed right for our small Porche. "Fuck," Well this should be fun.

The gas tanker slammed into the front of the car, jolting Louis awake and sending us flying off the side of the mountain. We hit a small rail, but kept rolling down the side of the steep mountain until we hit a rock wall. That's when everything went dark. I couldn't hear nor see anything, but I could feel myself breathing and the blood pooling on my stomach. "No, no, not the baby,"  felt myself scream. "Louis where are you?" I felt around, unable to see, but my hearing was beginning to fade back in. "Ella? Ella, sweetie can you hear me?"  I felt Louis grab my hand and put it on his face before I went limp. "Please be okay," Louis whispered, "Please wake up and tell me everything's okay..."

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