Trapped With the One and Only... Louis Tomlinson.

When we first met, we were at a party. I guess that's just what we are... The party couple. But tonight, everything went wrong. I asked my boyfriend to pick me up, not knowing he was drunk, and now were trapped in a ditch. We don't have our phones, we have no food... And just to make it even worse... I'm three months pregnant.


6. Not Mine

He was speechless. His eyes seemed to darken... I know how much he disliked Zayn, now not only for flirting with me, but also for sleeping with me. Louis grip tightened around my arms. "Hmm... So he knows, doesn't he?" I nodded silently, training my eyes on his still face. "So not only is the baby going to look like that cocky bastard, but I have to help raise it?" I felt myself frown, "My baby is not an 'it'! This... Life growing inside of me is a person," I pulled away from his grip once again. "Not some... Thing. It's an actual person!" 
Louis shoved his hands in his pockets and looked up at the empty sky. "I can't believe this is happening." I raised my eyebrow, "What's that supposed to mean?" He shrugged and looked back at my face. "Well for starters, my girlfriends having a baby that isn't mine, were stuck in the middle of fucking nowheresville, and my brand new car is wrecked. Great. Isn't that fucking pleasant?!" He broke down in tears by the end of the sentence, his voice cracking and tears falling heavily down his face. I stood there silently, confused. "Why are you crying?" I sounded unconcerned, but I asked anyway. He looked up at me, his eyes swollen and red. "It doesn't matter. Lets just get in the car before it gets any colder." His response wasn't what I had expected, but I didn't want to irritate him anymore, so I climbed into the upside down car. He climbed in after me and wrapped himself around me, as we cuddled on the cold ground. His arms cradled my waist and he let his lips press against the back of my neck. "I love you," he whispered. I smiled, holding my breath. "I love you too, Louis."

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