Trapped With the One and Only... Louis Tomlinson.

When we first met, we were at a party. I guess that's just what we are... The party couple. But tonight, everything went wrong. I asked my boyfriend to pick me up, not knowing he was drunk, and now were trapped in a ditch. We don't have our phones, we have no food... And just to make it even worse... I'm three months pregnant.


10. Bubbles

I don't remember hitting the ground, nor do I remember waking up. I just know that I somehow ended up by a river. The water rushed by, seemingly hushing me. The sky was black above me, with little holes leading to the heavens. The stars blinked brightly at me, telling me I was alive. That I somehow survived the fall. I didn't move. I just lay there on the ground, breathing slowly. The grass underneath me was soft and damp, wrapping itself around my body and rising up towards the sky. My lower abdomen was warm and wet, and I couldn't feel my lower back or legs. I wanted to feel my stomach, but I couldn't lift my hands. The wind was still by the time the sky started getting lighter. I could hear a soft noise in the distance, something like an animal crying. I was finally able to lift my hand up and feel my stomach, that was now... Flat. My baby isn't there. I gathered the strength to sit up and look down at my stomach. There was blood all down my lower shirt and upper legs, the blood also pooled around me in the grass. There was tennis shoe scuffs around the river bed along with blood, making the mud look red. My feet were bare and covered In scrapes, probably from falling. "Oh my god," my voice was so quiet and little, that it shocked me. "Lou...?" I looked around, my eyes scanning the area. I whimpered as I tried to stand up, the space between my legs was in too much pain to bear, and my hips felt torn. But I stood anyway, only to collapse again. I grunted with the impact and began crawling towards the water. Once I reached the stream, I let my body fall in. My child is dead, the boy I love left me to die, and I'm bound to die anyway. So I let myself drown. I let the cool water engulf me, the clear little bubbles escaping my mouth one by one. "This is it..." The thought kept running through my head as I let the water in my mouth and nose. And then the unthinkable happened... A pair of arms wrapped around me and pulled me out of the water. Everything was blurry for a while, but it eventually cleared up. My eyes zoned in and out on a pair of bright green orbs. Two soft pink lips met mine and I knew who it was, right then and there. His name left my mouth as a whisper, "Harry?"

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