Trapped With the One and Only... Louis Tomlinson.

When we first met, we were at a party. I guess that's just what we are... The party couple. But tonight, everything went wrong. I asked my boyfriend to pick me up, not knowing he was drunk, and now were trapped in a ditch. We don't have our phones, we have no food... And just to make it even worse... I'm three months pregnant.


7. Alone

I woke up to the freezing cold. The wind whipped through the car and bit at my face and arms. I looked for Louis next to me, and the space he once occupied was now empty. The car had water in it, dripping and flooding all around me. "Louis?" It was silent outside, except for birds chirping and the cicadas screaming loudly. Some light filtered in through the shattered window, revealing scuffle spots where Louis must have crawled out. I sat up and looked out the window. "Louiissssss!" I got out of the car and stood up, listening for a response... Only to get complete and utter silence. I looked around for a while and came to one depressing conclusion; we're stuck in a canyon. I walked over to the side where the car fell and stopped breathing when I saw it. Louis shoes were at the base of the cliff. I looked up the cliff and could hardly see the top. When I saw a small trail of blood leading up the cliff, I knew. Louis left me.

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