The Truth Comes Out

When a mysterious man appears at the Castle the lives of people of Islani change. The man speaks the words of an old mythmonly the fool believe...but could it be true?
Toby knows it cannot be true, but as he notices more strange things happen around him, he begins to wonder if it could be possible...
Belle has secrets. She won't tell anyone, not even her bestfriend Toby, but then that man appears and she fears she'll have to tell them...
Roan knows something is happening to him. He met a girl and now he can't stop thinking about her, something that never happens to him. And why is someone following him? Who are they and what do they want...
Tony believes the legends. If they weren't true than why would these men be after him? He told no one of what he could do. The girl from the hospital must believe it too. If she doesn't...well, he'll have to run away and protect Lana or at least die trying...
*Sorry for changes the genre so much. I cant decide where Im going with this yet


4. The Man in the Hospital And The Mystery Girl

Toby had stayed up all night thinking about the days events. First, Ashton had taunted Belle and accused them of having sex, then King Peter had asked him to attend to the new cadets at the academy, and last, a man barged in on Belle, while she was showering, bleeding to death!

What if the attacker would have heard her? What if she were hurt? These were his concerns. None for the man in the hospital. None for the safety of his acquaintances or the people of the kingdom. Just her. Since he was a boy he had loved her. She was two years younger then him but she had the grace, maturity, and intelligence probably thirty years past his age.

He was nineteen years old and he knew he shouldn't be in love. He should be out dating, flirting, having sex. That was rational, typical. His father taught him to do things rationally and think them out. Well, he thought out his feelings for Belle and knew she was the one. But he knew she didn't share the same feelings and therefore, he would not pursue her.

But he still was her best friend and she was his, so he would check on her. Toby made his way out of his home to his stables. He saddled Ariel, his Appaloosa mare, and continued to the Castle's barn. He dismounted and tied up Ariel, then entered the Castle.

Security knew him, the maids knew him, everyone knew him. He wasn't checked, just given a friendly wave and how-do-you-do. They let him know that Belle was in her room, if that was who he was looking for. Also, he was told to be on guard for anything suspicious since the attacker was still at large. He thanked them and took the elevator to the third floor.

Belle's room was to the right, third door on the left. He knocked twice and identified himself. He heard the lock rattle and then the door opened. Belle let him in.

"Are you okay?" he asked. "I heard about what happened. Do you want to talk about it?" Toby knew that she would probably say no, but once again, rationally he knew he should ask. To his surprise, she actually did talk about it.

"Sure, why not. I don't really know where to begin..." she trailed off. Toby could tell she was really shook up about this. How unusual. She is always the strong one. This time it would have to be him. Belle made her way to her bed, curling her legs towards her chest. Toby followed suit and sat next to her.

"Why don't you start with when I left?" he told her. Bringing her towards him. At first he felt her muscles tighten and resist, but gradually she relaxed and let him console her. He wasn't trying to take advantage, just being the friend she needed.

He watched the emotions wash over her face as she retold her day to him. By the end she was in tears, something he hadn't seen since she was a toddler. He brought her closer to his chest, rubbing her back and hair like his mom does for his sisters when they're upset.

"It will be alright. Don't worry about the man-er, Tony. I'm sure he'll pull through. You did all you could do," he told her, his deep voice soothing and sensible. He saw something play across her face but it was quickly gone. Was it guilt? No, it couldn't be. She had nothing to be guilty for. It must have been his imagination.

"Toby, he said they were trying to kill him. Who wants to kill him and why? I need answers Toby, not reassurance." She removed herself from his embrace and he felt a pang of lose enter his heart. He watched her enter her bathroom and splash water an her face. She brushed her teeth and then entered her closet. In about ten minutes, Belle came out dressed in more formal attire then what she usually wears. She'll make a beautiful Queen someday, he thought.

She wore black leather pants, a red long-sleeved blouse, and a traditional cloak designed by the great Angelico for the first queen of Islani, their Kingdom. The cloak went to a little under her ankles and was made of black silk, with beautiful red designs on it. Toby didn't know what they were for. To him, they looked like little languages of their own but he knew they were nothing more than design. There was a legend that went with that cloak, however.

Story has it that a young descendant of the first queen will wear this cloak into battle against the most powerful foe Islani has ever seen. They'll know the  descendant by her abilities to manipulate the objects around her and her strong ties with nature. Legend also has it that she will not be the only one with these powers; five others share her strength. One can control the air and its gusts. Another, the furious flames men shy from. The others-water, earth, and empathy.

But anyone who believes that belongs in a loony bin, Toby thought. "Where are you going?" he asked her.

"To go get answers," she replied, all traces of weakness and doubt gone from her. She was back to her normal self: nothing but confidence and determination.

"You can't just expect the man to give you answers! He's in a hospital bed for Pete's sake!" Toby said, a little frustration in his voice. Sometimes she just didn't use her brain.

"He'll talk to me. I know it. I feel it," she answered him, her tone final. Toby followed her out of the room, down through the hall, up several flights of stairs and into the hospital ward. She asked the nurse which room Tony was in and they continued on there.

As they entered the room, Tony was fidgeting with all the equipment attached to him. Belle ran to him, a ravenous look in her eyes."Stop that!" she spat. "You won't make it another minute if you keep this up."

Tony looked at her bewildered, then amusement crossed his face. "Well, if it isn't my hero. Sorry to inform you miss, but I have to leave or else they're gonna find me and then I'm really gonna be dead."

Tony continued to fidget with the cords but Belle placed her hands on his arms and moved them away. "No you are not. You are going to stay put and answer my questions. Then you are gonna get help. There will be guards set here to watch you, understand?"

His face showed confusion and amazement at the same time, then anger. "And, just who do you think you are? Like the King will grant me protection because you said so. Let go of me!"

Toby wasn't sure what the guy was talking about just then. Belle was hardly touching him, he could of made her let go. Maybe he was weaker then he looked. Toby wasn't sure...

"She's the King's daughter. Princess Aurora Mette. Show some respect," Toby proclaimed, glaring at the imbecile sitting in the hospital bed. The nurse entered the room then and gave the struggling Tony his medicine. "Ten minutes until visiting hours are over," she said and left.

"What did you give me! I can't fall asleep, they'll get me!" he shouted, but the medicine was taking effect quickly. He was struggling less and his voice was getting drowsy.

"Who will get you? Tony, look at me. Who?" Belle asked urgently. Tony looked at her, long and intently. It seemed to Tony that he was trying to see if he could trust her. I guess he thought he could cause he answered her.

"The Hunters. They found me and the girl. You must find her! We lost each other at the park. Please, she's only a kid...Find her.." his eyes were closing and his sentences were blurring.

"Who? What girl? What's her name? What does she look like?" Belle shook him, trying to keep him awake and coherent but the medicine was strong.

"Blonde....ten.....Lana....please," he answered finally drifting to sleep.

Belle turned slowly away from the man in the hospital bed and looked at Toby. Her face masked shock pretty well because her's was calm, as if nothing had happened, but Toby knew she must feel shock. If she didn't, then why did he?

She pulled out her phone and dialed. "Dad, send me your best men. I'm at the hospital..."

Toby wasn't listening as she retold what happened to her father. He was thinking about the old legend of the cloak. Such a tale, but so untrue. Yet, the man in the hospital spoke of the Hunters. In the tale, the Hunters were men of dark souls trying to forge the Kingdom to their will. They tracked the Six chosen ones and tried to kill them. The legend was never clear as to who won. Some versions say it was the queen's girl and the five, others say that the Hunters killed all but her. Still, others say that both sides died in order to create peace among good and evil. No one knows.

But it's all a bunch of crock....

"Yes, Dad. We have a man in the hospital bed and a mystery girl on the loose..."

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