The Truth Comes Out

When a mysterious man appears at the Castle the lives of people of Islani change. The man speaks the words of an old mythmonly the fool believe...but could it be true?
Toby knows it cannot be true, but as he notices more strange things happen around him, he begins to wonder if it could be possible...
Belle has secrets. She won't tell anyone, not even her bestfriend Toby, but then that man appears and she fears she'll have to tell them...
Roan knows something is happening to him. He met a girl and now he can't stop thinking about her, something that never happens to him. And why is someone following him? Who are they and what do they want...
Tony believes the legends. If they weren't true than why would these men be after him? He told no one of what he could do. The girl from the hospital must believe it too. If she doesn't...well, he'll have to run away and protect Lana or at least die trying...
*Sorry for changes the genre so much. I cant decide where Im going with this yet


3. The Garden

Belle awoke to the sound of birds chirping. She had left her window open last night and now she missed her chance to sleep in. Oh well! She had wanted to get a had start on the today anyhow. She brushed her teeth and proceeded to enter her closet.

Her closet was probably the size of a runway. I was filled to the brim with fancy dresses and formal appearance attire. The other half was filled with clothes she liked to wear. She grabbed a pair of black yoga pants, her training shirt, and her tennis shoes. She pulled on a light sweater and proceeded to exit her room.

She thought of her plans for today. First training, then a shower, perhaps a nap too. After, a trip to the garden and last dinner with her father and all his important friends. YUCK!

Belle's father just happened to be King Peter Mette. He was a tough, lovable man, but he expected so much of her and she just wasn't what he needed as a daughter. she was his only daughter out of four children. Not to mention, the kingdom is handed done through the female line. her mother had been in charge until she passed away giving birth to her. It was a shame that Belle never got to meet her mother but there was nothing she could do about it.

Someday Belle will inherit the throne and that seems to be the only thing her father cares about anymore.

Belle entered the gym and walked to her own private area. Half of the building was her to work in only. No one else was supposed to enter unless they had her permission or the king's.

Let's start with archery, she thought. Belle loved archery. It was graceful, and powerful. Plus, her father approved of it, unlike her skills with horses and plants. He believed she should master the art of war and strategy, diplomatic discussions and relations, and be able to manage a household and a kingdom. But she was more in-tuned with nature and defense for herself. If only dad knew what I could do... but she would never tell him. She fear that he would be ashamed and frightened. She also lacked confidence in herself, as well, to tell him.

She placed her arrow, pulled back, and released. She almost hit the bulls-eye....again. She never seemed to be able to hit the bulls-eye and it always made her made. She could make it with her telekinesis but she considered that cheating, and she was above that. After several rounds with that she moved onto boxing, then kickboxing, then some martial arts.

It felt like hours before she was interrupted. Toby strolled into her arena all nonchalantly like he knew didn't know he wasn't allowed in here. "Toby! Can't you follow rules?" she yelled at him, only a little mad. He was her best friend and they had no secrets, except one; she would not even tell Toby about her powers.

"I only follow rules given to me by the king and his men," he said with his joking smile. His voice was deep and powerful, commanding almost. She smiled at the thought that his voice used to be higher than hers. Toby had filled out quite well since he was a boy.

When he was younger he was a scrawny, girly little fellow with braces. Now he was about six feet three inches, his hair is cut like all academy students (like all boys with military parents), and his body broaden. his shoulder were wide set and stocky, but he was trim and in shape. his ice were brown, like a puppy's, and obviously, his vocal cords had thicken.

"Whatever, Toby. Seeing as you are here, would you mind?" she asked, handing him a sword. he took it with a displeased look on his face.

They sparred for an hour or so and then proceeded to enter hand to hand combat when they both lost their swords. Neither could seem to get a solid hit on the other but Belle's fake left allowed her to trip him on the right with her feet. he fell on the ground and she pinned him.

"Haha! I win," she said, panting heavily.

"I don't think so," Toby said, his voice menacing as a dark smile played across his face. Before she realized it, he had flipped her on her back with his lower body and now had her pinned. He laughed victoriously.

The door to the arena opened and they watched as they breathed heavily, trying to catch their breathes. A tall man walked in with dark hair and honey colored eyes. A smirked played on his face as he neared them. He stopped and leaned against the weapons rack.

"If you to are down releasing your hormonal needs, Dad needs Aamir," said Ashton. Belle's brother Ashton knew that Toby hated being called Aamir. He also knew that Toby and she were best friends and she was appalled at the idea that he thought they'd have sex, especially in such a public place.

Toby scrambled to get off of her, but Belle took the challenge. "So what if we were to have sex? It's none of your God damn business," she said with venom on her words.

"Such a lady, Aurora. I wonder what Dad would think? Maybe I should tell him..."


Toby interrupted Belle before she could say any thing else.

"Ashton we would practicing. That's all. We lost our swords and went to hand-to-hand combat and I won. End of story." he said. Ashton looked at him with a burning glare. For some reason, he really hated Toby. He continued to glare at Toby and then he looked at me, his stare softening a smidgen.

"Dad also wants you to make sure that the delivery man drops off the right flowers for the garden. He figured you would like to do this because of your creepy obsession with plants. The guy will be here in an hour. And go take a shower! you smell like elephant butt." He gave he a little smile, then glared at Toby, and left.

"I wonder what his problem was?" she asked Toby. Toby looked momentarily disappointed but bounced back as soon as he realized Belle asked him a question. Toby just shook his head and helped her pick up the arena.

"See you at dinner," he said with a wave. Toby's dad was the the general of the Army. He was an easy going guy unless he was mad or a war was on the loose. Belle finished cleaning and then went to the showers. She turned up the hot water aall the way with no cold and stepped in. She knew that most people would find her crazy for entering scolding water but she learned that when she was little heat didn't hurt her, and that included scolding hot water.

She sung to herself Awolnation's "Sail". She heard a crashing noise from the right. Belle about jumped from her skin.

"Hello?" she called. No reply. "Excuse me, if someone is in here, let me remind you this arena is for myself only. Are you okay? Are you hurt?" Belle still received no answer. She rinsed herself off and then put on her robe. She walked towards the noise.

As she approached the spot where the sound was she heard soft moaning. The first thing she saw was the towel shelf tipped over followed by a trail of blood. She ran along the trial of blood.  It continued along into the office of the complex. She peered inside slowly, then proceeded. she found a body covered in blood lying on the floor.

A young man lay there moaning softly, his abdomen covered in the red liquid. She ran to his side and saw a gaping hole torn into his stomach. She had to put pressure on the wound to stop the bleeding or else he'd have no chance of surviving. She grabbed the towel off her head and applied it to the wound.

The man's eyes flung open and his hand grabbed her wrist. Belle was taken aback but she used her other hand to keep pressure on the wound.

"What do you want from me?" the man uttered. His voice was soft, but filled with rage and fear. Belle felt the uncontrollable urge to comfort him, something she has never felt before.

"I'm here to help. What happened? What is your name?" she said trying to keep her voice calm. The man's eyes looked into hers. They were golden, like a lion's, but had no predatory glare.

"Tony... don't let them get me...please," he said, his voice ceasing. Belle knew she needed a phone but she couldn't remove her hands from the wound. She only had one option. Her powers.

She closed her eyes and concentrated. She imagined the phone sitting on the desk flying towards her hands. She willed it to happen. The familiar tug in her gut told her her abilities were obeying her and she opened her eyes to see the phone come towards her. 

 She called for help and in a matter of minutes the medics were at her side helping the man. She relayed what the man had said to the guards and they escorted her quickly to her room.


It was another several hours before anyone was allowed to enter or leave the premises. Belle couldn't stop thinking about that guy and what happened but she knew she had to go to the garden and make sure the flowers were delivered. She put on a simple sundress and let her hair down. Can't I just stay here in my room? She really just wanted to forget everything and just sleep but her body was wired awake.

She clambered down the stairs, through the dining hall and kitchen,and out the back doors to the garden. The garden was probably the cutest thing in this big mansion that Belle actually liked. She stopped and smelled the roses and then entered the greenhouse office. Inside was a tall guy, about six feet two inches, with dark black hair and a nice tan. She couldn't see his face yet but she felt like she knew him.

"Are you the one dropping off the flowers?" Belle asked the man. His head turned around and she knew why he seemed familiar. He was the guy from the pet store.

"Well, if it isn't the doll from the pet store. What are you doing here?" Roan asked. She thought he said his name was Roan.

"I could ask you the same thing," she said with a smirk. She had forgotten all about the cute boy yesterday. He had the cutest dimples when he smiled and the prettiest green eyes. His hair was short but not like the academy boys. She had an urge to run her hand through it. "If you must know, here. I tend to the flowers, obviously," she said, half kindly, half sarcastically.

"Well, I don't work here, but I do stop here a lot. Hey do you know why people weren't allowed in here earlier?" he asked. She noticed that his eyes hid his concern while his furrowed eyebrows revealed his worry. You are so not a tough guy... she thought.

Belle wasn't supposed to say anything but she wanted to calm his mind. "There was an incident earlier. Someone was stabbed and they wanted to contain whoever did it. The man is okay, I heard. I'm not sure if they caught the guy though," she said matter-of-fact. Maybe too matter-of-fact. She didn't want him to know she was a princess. She never had many friends as a kid and she still doesn't, so if she has to keep her identity a secret, she will.

"Oh. Well it was good seeing you again, doll. We still on for next week?" Roan said. Wow, was he an arrogant, cocky little mofo. She kind of liked it though. Boys within the Castle walls are never this interesting.

"What do you mean?" she said, starting to get defensive.

"My sister wants that bunny rabbit she held yesterday. Can we still get it?"

"Oh, yeah. No problem."

"Okay, then. See you next week, doll." He smirked again and then left. Belle double checked the flowers and then went back to her room. She sat on her bed trying to fall asleep but her mind was on alert.

Who was Tony talking about? Where did he come from? Who wants him dead?

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