The Truth Comes Out

When a mysterious man appears at the Castle the lives of people of Islani change. The man speaks the words of an old mythmonly the fool believe...but could it be true?
Toby knows it cannot be true, but as he notices more strange things happen around him, he begins to wonder if it could be possible...
Belle has secrets. She won't tell anyone, not even her bestfriend Toby, but then that man appears and she fears she'll have to tell them...
Roan knows something is happening to him. He met a girl and now he can't stop thinking about her, something that never happens to him. And why is someone following him? Who are they and what do they want...
Tony believes the legends. If they weren't true than why would these men be after him? He told no one of what he could do. The girl from the hospital must believe it too. If she doesn't...well, he'll have to run away and protect Lana or at least die trying...
*Sorry for changes the genre so much. I cant decide where Im going with this yet


2. Six Years Later...

Roan pushed her sister on the swing, watching the amusement cross her face.

"Higher, higher!' the three year old screamed. Roan knew what she meant. She wanted him to use his telekinesis to propel her to the highest possible height; the only problem was that there were too many people  at the park.

"Maybe at home, champ," he said to her. After his mom died three years ago giving birth to Sarah, he devoted his life to protecting and amusing this girl. His mom gave her life to bring her into this world and now he would give his life to make her happy and safe.

Roan checked his watch to make sure they had time more to play on the merry-go-round before they had to be to the banquet. His father was a general (Gen.) in the king's Marine Corps and tonight was his corination. He was a surly man that was never home and missed all family functions. They did not get along for very long.

Roan did not want to join the military; he was not one for violence unless absolutely necessary. He respected the men who fought for their kingdom but he had no wish to abandon his sister. And even if he did join the mitlitary, his father wouldn't be happy; if he joined, he would join the Air-force  He loved to fly, loved the air, and most importantly, no one would know about his powers.

Roan slowed the swing down, coming back from his thoughts. "Come on, Sarah. We have to get ready for dad's banquet." He took her hand as they walked towards town. Maybe we'll swing by the ice cream shop, he thought. They walked along Main Street, Roan keeping Sarah close to him since the city was so crowded.

"What can I get you guys today?" the counter lady said. She was probably five feet tall, with blonde hair, and big boobs; not Roan's type but still hot. He could tell she was into him by the glow in her eyes and her posture. Nineteen years spent with a military father and a guy learns how to read hidden signals.

He fed into her attraction.

"Two chocolate swirls, please, on cones." he said, smirking his little half smirk that all girls love. She smiled a huge grin and walked back to get there order. Roan moved his hands to get his wallet, paying for the cones as the girl at the counter prepared their order. His napkin had the name Aubrey on it and her phone number.

"Thanks, Aubrey. I'm Roan and this is Sarah," he said turning to his side to introduce his sister, but she was gone.

"Sarah? Sarah!" he called, starting to panic. He searched the horizon and just barely caught a glimpse of her entering the pet store a block away. Thank God she has red hair! he thought. He ran to the pet store as fast as he could still clutching the ice cream.

"Sarah!" he called. He heard her giggling and followed her voice. She was holding a baby rabbit in her arms with a woman kneeling next to her. The woman had dark brown hair, sun-baked skin, and startling emerald green eyes. Her smile revealed perfect white teeth. "Sarah!" he called again.

His sister turned to him, the happiest smile playing on her freckled face. She sure is the odd ball of the family since mom is gone. His mother had been a ginger with freckles too, but he took after his father. However, one thing his sister had that he didn't was his father's eyes. Her eyes were startling blue, piercing like icicles  His, though, were sea green, like the ocean, just like his mom's.

"Look what I got! Itsa bun-bun!" she said, speaking her three year old language. She was so happy. He couldn't yell at her but she needed to know that she just can't runoff like that.

"Yes, Sarah. It is a cute bunny, but you should not have left my side. Something bad could have happened and I would not have been able to help you. Please do not runoff like that again. Promise me?" he said, looking straight into her eyes.

"Promise," she said, knowing she was in trouble. "Can we keep the bun-bun? PLEASE, please please please please!"

How did I know that was coming?

"Yes you can keep the little bugger," he said. He smiled at her, finally releasing his breathe.

"Sir, I am really sorry to tell you this, but the bunny isn't old enough to leave the store yet. They have about another week until they can be sold, but I can hold this one for you, if you'd like?" the woman said.

Roan had forgotten about her until then. His attention was now fully focused on the girl. She looked familiar but he wasn't sure from where. Her lips were full and red, and her dark hair was dangerously close to her butt. She had a slender figure, like a dancer or a gymnast; it was obvious that she worked out a lot too.

"That would be great," he said. "Thank you, by the way, for preoccupying her in time for me to get here. I'm Roan," he replied, extending his hand to meet hers. She meet his hand and when there fingers collided Roan felt a spark. Not a spark like love, but an actual electric spark. That's weird, he thought. She didn't seem to notice however, so Roan kept it to himself.

"I'm Belle, " she said. That's a nice name. It was sweet and vulnerable, not to mention it had a ring to it. Belle.

"So we will see you in a week then?" Roan reiterated.

"Yes, sir," Belle said. Her voice sounded like a lullaby; soft, beautiful and enchanting. Roan glanced at the clock. It was quarter to six. Shit! Shit! Shit! They have to be at the castle at six, not to mention Sarah isn't dressed yet. Good thing there was a dress store right next door.

"Thanks again, doll. But we are gonna be late," Roan said, taking Sarah along with him to the dress store. Hopefully, she finds something and they make it in time.


Roan was walking to the apartment address that Aubrey had given him. His day had been rough and now he needed to have fun. He would have brought Sarah but most girls hate when he does, so he called the baby sister. They had barely made it to the banquet and the whole time they were there his father talked to them once, staying long enough to introduced Sarah, call him his boy, and then leave.

But that was this evening and right now was this night. He knocked on her door.

"Come in!" called the girl's voice. Roan entered the apartment. It had three rooms; the living room and kitchen composed one, the bedroom the next and then the bathroom. Aubrey was in the kitchen pouring wine into two glasses.

"I thought we could head out to dinner and a movie." he said to her.

"Actually," she said, carrying the glasses towards him. "I thought we could stay here. You know,talk,get to know one another." Her breathe smelled of alcohol but he didn't think she was drunk or buzzed even. He took a glass from her, sipped a drink and made his way to the couch. He set his drink down and removed his coat and shoes, proceeding to put them near the door and return to the couch.

"Okay," he said. "What would you like to talk about?" She sat down next to him. Her blonde hair was curled and put in a ponytail. She had on a short, tight black dress that made her boobs stand out and trimmed her figure. She definitely looked hot.

"Well,"  she leaned closer. "I thought we could talk about how great of a kisser I am." She positioned herself over his lap and Roan could feel himself start to enlarge. He was used to woman throwing themselves at him but she was very straight forward, and the alcohol on her breathe was just a cover to make him believe she wasn't a slut. He wasn't buying it, but he wouldn't fight her if she waned to act his way.

Aubrey proceeded to kiss him, forcing her tongue in his mouth. She wasn't a bad kisser but he had had better. She moved her hands down his shirt, unbuttoning as she goes until his shirt was off. His hands proceeded to move to her hair and her back. He pulled her ponytail out and unzipped her dress. She pulled off her dress so quick, Roan was almost startled, but she was quickly on him again.

She wore a lacy pair of panties and bra. Her hand fidgets with his pants until she gets them undone. He leans back a bit, with his butt off the couch so she can remove his pants. He sits down again waiting for her mouth on his but it never comes. Instead he feels a jerk in his cock as it extends fully in Aubrey's mouth. She moves it in and out slowly, then quickly, then slowly again, making his body shake. A moan escapes him and his hand moves towards her hair. The faster she goes the more his hand pushes her head to stay, to keep satisfying him. He feels like he is about to burst.

"Ohhh," he moans, cumming in her mouth. His body is tense and now relaxes but he still craves something, something more. He picks her up and marches her towards the bedroom. He throws her on the bed and proceeds to move upon her. Aubrey reaches in her drawer, grabbing a condom. Shocking, he thinks to himself. He undresses her fully, places the condom, and enters her body.

He has been told before that he is a great fucker but this time just feels different. His body has released itself but it craves more. He knows Aubrey is enjoying herself by her constant chant of More!More!More! However, Roan just can't shake the feeling that he needs something more. He releases himself again, and withdraws from her body.

Later he will leave her, only after she falls asleep. He will probably never talk to her again, same as usual. There will be other girls... But he just can't shake this feeling, this feeling of without.

His brain trails on as he listens to Aubrey's heart calm and her breath steady...

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