The Truth Comes Out

When a mysterious man appears at the Castle the lives of people of Islani change. The man speaks the words of an old mythmonly the fool believe...but could it be true?
Toby knows it cannot be true, but as he notices more strange things happen around him, he begins to wonder if it could be possible...
Belle has secrets. She won't tell anyone, not even her bestfriend Toby, but then that man appears and she fears she'll have to tell them...
Roan knows something is happening to him. He met a girl and now he can't stop thinking about her, something that never happens to him. And why is someone following him? Who are they and what do they want...
Tony believes the legends. If they weren't true than why would these men be after him? He told no one of what he could do. The girl from the hospital must believe it too. If she doesn't...well, he'll have to run away and protect Lana or at least die trying...
*Sorry for changes the genre so much. I cant decide where Im going with this yet


1. Prologue

Toby sat watching Belle try to help rescue the cat from the massive oak tree in the main court. He wasn't sure how she had managed to climb up the tree, especially since she was at the top; the top was nearly fifty feet in the air. He had always been amazed by his best friend. Belle was only eleven but she acted older, much, much older.

"Belle get down from there! Let the guards get Grey!" he shouted at her. His voice was faint considering he hadn't reached puberty yet. He was thirteen and the last boy in his class to mature. He was teased a lot and all the kids avoided him...all except Belle. She stayed by his side and thus, had no friends either. She was such a good friend, a good person.

"WHAT?" Belle shouted down. She looked down at him real quick and almost lost her balance. Toby's heart skipped a beat; if something happened to her he would never forgive himself. He was falling in love with her and he wished her wasn't.

"Belle! Belle! Are you alright? Come on, get down from there!" he screamed with all his might.

"Not 'til I get Grey!" she said. She reached her arms as far as they would go, almost touching the cat. He watched her propel herself forward and grab on to the cat, losing her balance as she did. He ran to the tree as fast as he could, not taking his eyes off her as she toppled from branch to branch. Halfway down she caught hold of a thick branch and manged to lower herself down another twenty feet, only to slip again when she was ten feet up.

"Belle!" He called rushing to her side. She lay on the ground not moving. He slid by her side.

"Belle," he whispered. She turned towards him, smiling as she released Grey and watched the female cat scurry along. She pulled herself up and examined her body. Toby watched in silence as he looked her over too. She had a few scratches on her arms, some bruising on her legs, and a small cut on her neck, right below her ear where the jaw bone hinges.

She just fell nearly fifty feet from a tree and she is barely hurt, he thought.

"I'm okay, Aamir. Please don't worry." she told him, patting his head comfortingly. He must have looked awed and frightened at the same time for her to use his first name. He nodded his head and proceeded to walk to the greenhouse.

He was so glad she was alive and not hurt, but part of him wondered, how did she survive that?


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