The Truth Comes Out

When a mysterious man appears at the Castle the lives of people of Islani change. The man speaks the words of an old mythmonly the fool believe...but could it be true?
Toby knows it cannot be true, but as he notices more strange things happen around him, he begins to wonder if it could be possible...
Belle has secrets. She won't tell anyone, not even her bestfriend Toby, but then that man appears and she fears she'll have to tell them...
Roan knows something is happening to him. He met a girl and now he can't stop thinking about her, something that never happens to him. And why is someone following him? Who are they and what do they want...
Tony believes the legends. If they weren't true than why would these men be after him? He told no one of what he could do. The girl from the hospital must believe it too. If she doesn't...well, he'll have to run away and protect Lana or at least die trying...
*Sorry for changes the genre so much. I cant decide where Im going with this yet


5. Any Woman's Deepest Fear

Tony has been in the hospital for a week now. He was ready to leave.

He'd done nothing. NOTHING. While he sat on his ass, Lana was out there somewhere fighting off the Hunters.

He knows that the king's men don't believe him about that lame fable. They think he's a wanker, a loony, a cuckoo...most of them, anyways. The Princess believes him, he thought. She has too. She has to be the Queen's descendant; if she isn't than he and Lana were just freaks and the people hunting them were-were-were...Tony didn't even know what they were if not they weren't the Hunters. But that didn't matter. He knew she was hiding something. No way could she overpower him, even if he was in the hospital and doped up. Belle was like five feet seven or eight inches with s slender, petite build; she's a princess for God's sake!

How did she do it, then? Tony didn't know but he would find out as soon as he fidns Lana. He sat up on the hospital mattress and began removing his tubes. His stomach and side stillhurt a little from the stabbing but he could manage the pain. His body heals faster than normal people's so he'll be fine in no time. He had just pulled out the last tube when the door opened, revealing a very pissed off looking Belle.

"Well, well. Princess Aurora, what a nice surprise. Just like it was yesterday, and yesterday, and the day before that and that..." he said sarcastically. He moved towards the small dresser across from his bed.

"What are you doing? You can't leave yet," she spoke, her voice soft but matter-of-fact. She sure is bossy, he thought. She'll make a great Queen. She started to gather up the tubes and set them next to the bed, which she then proceeded to make poorly.

"I'm leaving, Princess," he told her, his voice condeming her for being royalty. He didn't trust any one in power. He knew that all they cared for was more power and control. "I have to find Lana and get her to safety before the Hunters get to her. And your daddy's men are doing a poor job, so now I must resume my duty."

he pulled out some clean close as she spoke to him. "You are in no shape to leave here. And I asssure you that we're doing all we can to find Lana. It would help if you'd give us more information as to where she might be and as to who is after you two!..." Here we go again, Tony thought. Back to this.

The Princess had been in here everyday since he arrived, always asking for more information and questioning him. She was in here so much he thought she'd become his nurse. Sometimes he'd pretend to be sleeping so he wouldn't have to talk to her, but other times he just told her the same thing he tells her every time she asks; the Hunters are after them and he can't trust them with Lana's potential where abouts.

He got bored of listening to her get angrier and angrier as he told her nothing more or less than what she already had been told. He could no longer wait for er to leave because every secnd he did so could mean Lana's capture and death. He undid his robe, flashing her Majesty, ad laughing inside at her discomfort.

"What's a matter? Is something wrong?" he asked her innocently, loving the reaction on her face. She avoided looking in his direction and her face had become quite rosy as he stood nude in front of her.

"What do you think you're doing? You mustn't leave here, do you understand!," she avoided the topic of his nudity. Wow marvelous! He never would have guessed this Lady would have a problem with his birthday suit. She was so calm about everything, even when she was furious.

"And do you understand that I said I'm going!," his voice rose deep with anger now. Couldn't she take the hint. He was leaving whether she said he could or not. He puled on his boxers and slipped on a shirt. He wrestled with his pants a bit then returned to the bed to do up his boots. He glanced up at Belle in front of him.

She was looking at him again, but her face was a mask that revealed nothing. She leaned herself against the door silently, still watching him. He finished tying his boots and headed for the door. "Move Princess," he said.

She didn't budge. She didn't speak.

"Princess..." he was trying to keep his temper in check. He wanted her cooperation, not her refusal. "Will you plase move aside?"

Once again, she didn't move or speak. She leaned nonchalantly on the door as if she had all the time in the world to do this. Her eyes bore into his though. They spoke to him quietly; Make me, they said. He decided to ask her one more time, and if the answer was still no he would make her.

"If you do not move aside Princess, I will make you. Now, please, for your sake, let me through."

She remained in her spot but a smirk crossed her lips. "You asked for it." he told her. He went to lightly toss her aside but she had already caught his wrist and now proceeded to twist his arm back. She pushed her foot off his back, propelling him forward to the bed.

"You are not leaving!" she commaned. She approached him as he balanced himself. "Are you alright?" she asked. Bingo! Her weakness. Tony her legs out from under her then. She landed on the ground with a thud and Tony leaned to pick her up and move her aside, sa she was still partly in the way of the door. As he leaned down, he felt her feet press into his stomach and felt him fly off of her, smacking into the wall on the other side of the room.

"How did you do that? I easily way twcie, maybe three times your weight. There is no way you could've done that!" he shouted. his eyes narrowed in suspicion as she stood up, once again blocking the door way.

"Perhaps I''m just stronger than you." she said, steely calm in her voice. Her face was a mask again. She's hiding something, Tony thought. He knew he was risking a lot but he needed to know if his thoughts were true. He felt a familiar pull in his gut and watched her fly towards him. He gripped her in his tightest, strongest bear hug. It was highly unlikely that this tiny woman could get out of this. He held her, kicking and screaming, as he forced her unto the bed.

Once upon it, he forced his all his weight on her, kowing that she couldn't escape him unless she shared his gift. "Let me go now! Guards will be here any minute so I suggest you do as I say!" he could hear the slightest amount of panic in her voice. He had her caught.

"Why don't you make me? I know what you're hiding, so prove me wrong. Prove to me that you don't have special powers, and that you aren't the girl in the legend. Or else I might just take advantage of this situation," he said, lifting his voice to imply any woman's deepest fear.

He would never acutally rape her of course; he would never rape any woman, for that matter. All this was, was a scare tactic. He leaned his head close to her ear. He noticed a scar at her jaw bone, below the ear. Well that's hidden well, he thought. He whispered to her, "Come on, Princess. I know what you can do, and I know what I can do." His voice was menacing.

Take the bait, take the bait.  If she didn't fall for this than he would surely be in deep shit. He figured he had about three minutes or so before this room was swarmed with guards. He let his breath touch her neck. Next thing he knew, he was flying across the room and into the dresser.

She was upon him instantly, lifting him but the shirt and throwing him back into the wall. She flung him on the bed. He barely sat up when he saw needles extremely close to his face, threateing to poke his eyes and flesh.

"Do. Not. Move." the Princess said. Pure rage and hatred showed on her face. No, not hatred-fear. He must have really scared her. "You will answer me or else."

"Princess, I wasn't really going to hurt you-" he began but the needles inched closer, one almost hitting his eye. Her eyes glare at him.

"Shut up! You'll speak when spoken, too!" she said, and he clearly heard the rage pertruding from her voice. "Who are you and how did you send me across the room into your arms?"

He didn't mean to startle her so bad. "My name is Antony Donatello. I come from the small village of Weimshirer, on the border of Islani and Idrini. I moved you to me the same way yo hold these needles to my face. Please forgive my rash desicions. I never meant to frighten-"

"SILENCE!" She sure was scary when she was upset. "How dare you! HOW DARE YOU!"He felt himself flung forward. He landed several inches in front of her. He saw fear, shame, worry all running through her face. Then he saw a tear slide from her eye. He moved his hand to wipe it away, but before he could he felt a sting on his cheek. Belle had jsut slapped him. I deserved that, he thought.

He felt another sting to his face as he went to apologize again. He was a little angry now. Once was enough, but twice was pushing it. More tears spilled from her eyes, thought they were silent. he went to hand her Kleenix's but, once again, he felt the familiar sting of her hand on his cheek.

"ENOUGH!" he shouted. His arms moved like lightning to her shoulders, pinning her to the wall. " I am sorry for frightening you! Yes it was wrong of me to figure your secret out like that but I needed to know before the guards got here! One slap was fine but three is absurd!" he told her.

He watched her face closely now. her eyes were large and scared. She seemed to have shrinked in appearance. Her confidence was gone. "Let me go," she said. Her voice was weak, feeble, afraid. He instantly released her and stepped away from her.

"I'm so sorry, Belle." He left her then. He had to find Lana. As he walked throught the hallway and to the elevator, he noticed the guards running in through the stairway heading towards his old room.

He really did hope she would be alright. And he also hoped she wouldn't hate him, but he had got his answer. She is one of them and the legend must be true. He must find Lana now, now that there is hope...

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