I have blue eyes, and brown hair. I am 17 years old, and a senior in high school. I used to have an eating disorder, nothing to big, it was stopped before it got to far. My best friends named Lauren, and I LOVE Austin Mahone.

But I am that bridge jumping friend your mom warned you about (;


1. the rodeo/concert

Lashauna's POV

"Lashauna your hair is naturally straight why the hell are you straightening it?? Your going to fry it!"

"Ive got to look good for Austin!" I giggled.

It was about 2 O' Clock and the Rodeo/Concert is at 6. We had driven to a hotel last night so we had plenty of time to get there today.

*1 hour later*

1 hour later we were finally ready to go, plaid half top for me with booty jean shorts (Call me a slut if you want), And Lauren was wearing a cute short dress with cute boots, ready to go we got in the car and left.

When we arrived we saw girls with posters EVERYWHERE. Pushing are way through we arrived at are seats, pretty close up I have to say.

*3 hours later*

This Rodeo/Concert was over and I had officially be in all. It was INCREDIBLE. The only thing that sucked was the pervs behind us. We were walking to the car but suddenly a crowd of girls were able so separate me and Lauren, I couldn't seem to find her, so I figured we would meet at the car.

I was walking down the side walk by the woods headed there, but I saw those pervs following me.

Walking faster and faster the were beginning to catch up.

They were literally 5 steps behind me when I picked up my phone pretending to call somebody even though it was dead. Somebody reached around grabbing my phone tossing it while the other covered my mouth pulling me into the woods.

Pushing me to the ground one by one my clothes were beginning to come off. There wasn't much I could do, I tried screaming but that only lead to punches.

Laurens POV

After being pushed my a load of screaming girls I couldn't find Lashauna so I figured I would cut across the parking lot the car, the woods scared me.

I had been waiting and waiting for Lashauna to show up but nothing, I have no idea where she could of been and I was getting scared. But suddenly I saw A girl walking at the edge of the woods coming up, it was Lashauna!

"Lashauna what the hell dude you scared me, where have you been!"

She closer and I could see it in her face and clothes what had happened. I just hugged her and cried.

"Lashauna I.." I didn't know what to say... So I stopped and called the cops, she explained everything.


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