I have blue eyes, and brown hair. I am 17 years old, and a senior in high school. I used to have an eating disorder, nothing to big, it was stopped before it got to far. My best friends named Lauren, and I LOVE Austin Mahone.

But I am that bridge jumping friend your mom warned you about (;


4. lieing about rape

Austins POV

I woke up tired as hell, I barley got any sleep because all I could do was think about Lashauna. Last night was AMAZING. We went out to eat, went put-putting.. It was just. Wow.

We almost had are first kiss, but was interrupted by the sound of yelling from her Mom, and some guy, She hugged me goodbye and told me to leave.. weird.

Unfortunately I had to fly to Miami today to deal with stuff, but Lashauna didn't know that I would be surprising her Thursday by flying in.

To: Lashauna

Good morning Beautiful, Hope you had fun last night, Hope to see you soon!


Lashaunas POV

To: Austin

Awe, Good morning Hun! It was amazing, wish you could of stayed longer. :(

It was definitely sad Austin had to leave, last night was incredible until we got interrupted by my mom and her idiot boyfriend. Wyatt. She wont leave him, hes beat her, hit me, brought his druggy friends over. But I could not let Austin see that side of my mom, and my life. Its embarrassing.

Monday Morning-

Kill. Me. 6 a.m. School, sucks. But what made my morning turn around was the fact that Austin had woken up just to say good morning.

On Bus-

I was thinking today may not be all that bad. I mean my morning started off great with Austin, and I couldn't wait to see all my friends.

I walked into school with a smile on my face, but something was wrong. Why was everybody staring at me in disgust? Why did somebody just come by me and say whore? What was happening.

I went to see my friends like I always do, but when I walked over towards them they turned around.

"Madi, Kenzie? Whats going on.. whats wrong?"

"Really, faking getting raped so you can have a 'thing' with Austin Mahone, what a whore."

Before I could speak Lauren came and grabbed my arm pulling me in the bathroom.

"Whats going on Lauren?"

"Everybody thinks your faking all that just to be with Austin." She spoke quietly.

We talked for a second because she knew I WASN'T lieing. I stormed out.

Stars. All I see are stars. As soon as I walked out I was hit, by who? Probably Madi.

Usually I dont let people mess with me, but this is different, all I could do was cry.. Why would people think I would make that up?

 called home, because since I dont have my car somebody needed to pick me up, but high as hell my mom came and drove me home.

Should I tell Austin?

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