I have blue eyes, and brown hair. I am 17 years old, and a senior in high school. I used to have an eating disorder, nothing to big, it was stopped before it got to far. My best friends named Lauren, and I LOVE Austin Mahone.

But I am that bridge jumping friend your mom warned you about (;


2. a visitor

Austins POV

"Dude, that was a blast, How did I do?" I asked Alex.

"AMAZING you had screaming girls everywhere!"

"All I know is im ready to go lay in bed and watch TV, night bro."

I walked off to my bedroom, and layed in my bed, It was nice being back here in Texas. I turned on Fox 5 news and saw my face on the screen, confused I called everybody in here, and turned the TV up.

Tonight at the local Rodeo and Austin Mahone concert, there was a teen raping. Locals say this girl is what they call A huge, "Mahomie" just coming to see her idol. Heres a message from her best friend Lauren who was also here with her tonight, luckily she made it out safe-

Um Hi there im Lauren,Lashauna's best friend, we came here tonight just wanting to see Austin Mahone, Lashauna drug me here because she just had to see him perform. We got separated after the concert be a group of girls so I just decided to meet her at the car, only to see her walk up beaten and clearly raped.

I turned off the TV, and just started crying. How could someone do something like this to a girl? A innocent girl. I looked around at everybody and there were just all puzzled.

We decided it would be best if I went to visit her tomorrow, it almost seems like its my fault.

Lashauna's POV

I went to bed that night, scared.. terrified. I was all over the news which made it worse, cause what if those guys come back and find me? We had driven back home so thankfully I knew my mom was right down the hall. I rolled over and attempted to sleep. I woke up to the sound of my mom screaming-


I woke up crying and sweating and realizing what was going on... 

Why did the happen to me?

6 a.m.

I was up all night, there was know use, I felt like I just wasn't human anymore, and not to mention all the bruises on me, I looked beyond ugly.

My mom took the day off and sat with me at home rubbing my hair, and trying to keep me happy. Which just wasn't working.

The door bell rung, confused my mom got up and answered it, I was kind of scared to who it maybe.

"Um, Lashauna, Looks like you have a visitor."

My heart skipped a beat when I saw who it was.

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