Forbidden Fruit

16 year old Jenny finds herself in a complicated situation when she wakes up in between heaven and hell. With no knowledge of who she is she must find the way to heaven before hell catches her. Life gets even more complicated when a human can see her and falls in love with her. He is put in danger along with her as a clan suspended from the bottom of the earth takes a sudden interest in her and hunts her with a plan to murder everything in their way. -Some mature content- 12+


5. Treetop

     "What do you mean I know?" I said quickly jumping up to face him toe to toe. He just smiled with his big beautiful.... Wait! No! I shouldn't be thinking about his features right now! I should be focused on what he was saying. 

     "Don't ok? Don't pretend like this," I pointed to myself, " Is ok! I died for Christ sake!" I started to cry. I don't want to cry in front o him but it kept happening and it wouldn't stop. He touched my shoulder and I automatically stop crying. That was strange... Did he just stop me from crying? Maybe it was just me reacting to his touch. "You'll be alright ok? We can figure tis out.... Together."

    His words calmed me down and I couldn't help but smile. I needed answers and right when I wanted to ask for him he said, " I'll take you to the treetop. There you will find answers there." 

     "What's the treetop?"

     "Our clan's hideout. It's where our leader lives and she will give you the answers you need."

     "Our clan?" I asked

     "Yeah, when you die you go to a clan. We are one. But when you are demons of the underworld you need to do rituals to be accepted in one, including killing an innocent," He said getting his coat, "But this wasn't a ritual, she wanted you." 

     My heart started beating like crazy. Why would she want me? I wasn't special or anything. "H-How do you know?" 

     " It's a hunch come on Jenny."


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