Forbidden Fruit

16 year old Jenny finds herself in a complicated situation when she wakes up in between heaven and hell. With no knowledge of who she is she must find the way to heaven before hell catches her. Life gets even more complicated when a human can see her and falls in love with her. He is put in danger along with her as a clan suspended from the bottom of the earth takes a sudden interest in her and hunts her with a plan to murder everything in their way. -Some mature content- 12+


1. Prologue

    I walked in the pouring rain with my yellow raincoat, blue jeans, and yellow rain boots. My jet black hair was pulled into a tight high pony tail. I hated my green eyes and pale skin, there wasn't much people who had a appearance like mine in Kentucky.

    My mother always said I was beautiful. Yeah right! Compared to her long black hair, beautiful brown eyes, and curvy body I was just another skinny body. Of course my mom had to have a flaw, everyone did. Hers was drinking,smoking, and partying every Saturday. Vodka was her favorite kind. She always loved the strong ones to make her forget my sisters painful death of cancer. She was only 8, I was 13. I tried not to cry since we knew it was coming 3 years before she died. Three long painful years of hair loss and pain. She was full of life and not the type to make you laugh, the type to make you wanna dance in the rain.

    I walked through the woods and pulled out my flute. I know flutes are lame. Everyone at my school calls me Peter piper. Maybe that's why I have no friends. No that can't be the reason. Maybe because I dated the high school jock and was popular until he tried to force his self on me and I told. He lost almost everything. His scholar ship, his friends, and his family basically rejected him. I felt bad, of course I did but it was him that caused that.

    I started to play a Beethoven song. One of my favorites, Fur Elise. I loved classical, I mostly played it on my piano, but I was on the go so I took this instead. I heard some crushing of leaves on the floor behind me but it was probably a deer. Then I heard a crashing noise behind me. That's when I ran, ran like I was being chased. And by the loud leave crashing noises behind me began to increase, I knew I was. I ran then another loud noise behind me startled me and I fell. It hit me! It hit my leg! What was it? It was a bullet! I flipped to my back to get a look at my attackers face but they had a large hood covering their face. Then before I could get another breath out I was hit with the bullet again in my chest. Dots of white filled my vision, and before I knew it I couldn't see anything but white.

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