Forbidden Fruit

16 year old Jenny finds herself in a complicated situation when she wakes up in between heaven and hell. With no knowledge of who she is she must find the way to heaven before hell catches her. Life gets even more complicated when a human can see her and falls in love with her. He is put in danger along with her as a clan suspended from the bottom of the earth takes a sudden interest in her and hunts her with a plan to murder everything in their way. -Some mature content- 12+


2. Limbo

         I woke up on the floor in darkness. There was nothing but darkness. Then I saw a small light in the distance. It looked like a door. Where was I? How did I get here? Most importantly who am I?I looked up at the light. It looked like a door in the little amount of light I had.

          I got up and looked down at myself. I had what looked like dried blood on my rain clothes. What happened to me? I touched my hair and pulled a hair tie out of it. My hair was matted with blood! I felt like screaming but the noise didn't come out. "Help!" I screamed. I started for the door. It looked like it was closing. "No! Stop! Please don't close the door! Please no!" I shrieked running as fast as could to the door. As soon as I got to the door it closed. I banged as hard as I could," Let me in! Please! Let me in!" I sunk to the flooring crying. What was going on? I was scared to death. I was covered in blood, beaten and bruised, and trapped in the darkness.

        "Hey you!" A voice whispered from behind the door. I turned and smiled in excitement.

        "Yes! Yes I'm here!" I said trying to open the door. It didn't answer after a few minutes then I was convinced I was going crazy. I kicked the door trying to open it. "You missed the opening." The voice whispered from behind the door. It sounded like the voice was right behind the door.

        "Yes I know! Please open it again! Please!" I screamed. I pounded on the door, "What happened to me?" I sobbed. I didn't know what to do other than cry. I don't know anything past the darkness and door. "What is your name?" It asked.

         "I..... I don't know." I answered. I heard whispers behind the door,"Then you don't belong here. Turn around and walk until you see light." I looked over my shoulder,"W-what happened to me?" I said.

         "You died." They both said. That hit me so hard in the gut. I've heard the term but it was frightening to hear. I didn't what to hear it again. I placed a shaking hand on the door and whispered choking on my own tears,"Tell me what this door holds inside."

         "Salvation," It said, "Now go your fate awaits."

         "Fate-?" He interrupted, "Go now Jenny." Jenny? Was that my name? What is going on? I started walking the opposite way slowly just in case they decided to change their minds. Then heard something on the ceiling. I couldn't see so I was scared. I ran faster and faster with each step. This was familiar, running was familiar. I didn't know why this was so familiar to me. 

          Then a dark figure jumped in front of me. She had all black everything. Long black hair, nails, eyelashes, and silver eyes. She smiled evilly at me. Oh no! I was gonna die..... Again? My heart was beating like crazy. She looked at my heart and smiled, "I scare you." She sung. She circled me like a cat and inhaled, "You smell delicious." She purred. Yep, she was gonna eat me. I was gonna get eaten by a human. She smiled, "Oh, but I'm not human," she purred again.

          I blew my chest up like a 5-year-old trying to act tough, "Get out of my way!" She took a step foreword, "Please." I said like a toddler. What a scaredy cat! First I am told I'm dead, which makes sense, but I didn't know where I was. Second I'm harassed by cat woman. "Who are you, what are you, and what do you want?" I dared. 

          She smiled, licked her lips, and stroked my chin, "I am a leader," I sighed, "Well that isn't-." 

          "Of the underworld." She continued. 

          "Ok now that is bad!" I panicked. Before I could even move she pinned me with two hands against the wall. "That door over there was the door you were supposed to enter before it closed," She pointed to the door I ran from, "Down this hall is where all humans live.... Where you will spend the rest of your life." I wailed and swung my arms at her.  One of them hit her cheek. She touched the bloody claw mark on her face and put her her bloody finger in her mouth. "Mmmmm.... Tasty." She purred. "If I throw up, what's the probability it will hit your face?" I asked while smiling.

         She grabbed my neck and dug her fingernails into my skin to silence my laughing, "Now that I have your full attention I can explain this to you," She smiled and traced her finger along my body with her free hand, "I am a demon, and I am a leader of a clan. A clan that needs new members." 

         I spit in her face, "Never!" She laughed and wiped it from her face, "I always liked them feisty." She whispered into my ear. 

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