Forbidden Fruit

16 year old Jenny finds herself in a complicated situation when she wakes up in between heaven and hell. With no knowledge of who she is she must find the way to heaven before hell catches her. Life gets even more complicated when a human can see her and falls in love with her. He is put in danger along with her as a clan suspended from the bottom of the earth takes a sudden interest in her and hunts her with a plan to murder everything in their way. -Some mature content- 12+


6. Anna

     We walked through the forest with rivers and trees and animals. I saw a deer and when I approached it it didn't run away and wasn't afraid. Jessie watched me face stern but still friendly. I tried to touch the little deer but my hand went through it. My fears were now realized, this was real, I was really dead. 

     My hands shook frantically and, my breath was unsteady, slowly my legs felt like jelly. I wanted so badly for the deer to see me. I wanted it to bite me or something to tell me he knows I'm here. I yelled at it, nothing. I waved my hands in his face, nothing. I even tried kicking and punching it. It just stood there eating the grass. This time I didn't sob I wasn't sad, I was angry. I turned to Jessie, "This is your fault, you didn't save me! You left me to die! You don't care!" I yelled.

    "Jenny-" His eyes on something behind me, I didn't care it was probably the deer. 

    "No! I had a life! Family! And you didn't even warn me! You didn't tell me!"

    "Jenny-" His voice was more stern urging me to listen. 

    "Don't call me that! I don't know who that is or was. And how is it that you already met the clan leader and know everything when you died after me-." I stopped when I heard a noise from the deer. I turned around and it looked scared staring at me. Could it see me? Jessie took my arm and whispered in my ear, "Don't move Jenny I mean it." I wasn't gonna move anyways, I was staring at large dog looking person. 

   "He isn't after us he wants the deer." Jessie assured me. 

   I turned my head and looked at the deer. It looked like he had the same idea as us, he was as still as a statue. The dog creature was moving toward the deer and passed us, "Can he see us?" I whispered to Jessie. 

   "Of course he can. He doesn't want us, like I said Jenny now be quiet and don't run away," He let go of my arm, "Or you're as good as dead." 

   "I can't stand here and watch this thing kill the deer! What are we gonna do?" I knew that when the beast was done with the deer we were next. 

   The deer had no other option. The beast was going to catch him if he ran anyway. He just stood there with the same scared look on his face. I closed my eyes as the deer met his face. Then as quickly as the moment came it was over. I heard the creature whimpering like a dog. Did Jessie do something? I opened my eyes to look at the deer and the creature running away in different directions. The creature looked hurt while the deer was ok. I looked at Jessie and he had the same shocked face as me. I turned to look forward at a beautiful girl with a gold dress and a headband of flowers. She had green eyes and brown flowing hair. She was perfect.

   She turned to look at both of us, "I believe you were looking for me, I am Anna."


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