Thought I was Forgotten

Isn't it funny how they say love will always find a way? That cant possibly be true. Niall and Rebecca were best friends. Until the day when Niall decided to live his dream. He left for X-Factor right after the huge fight. Niall said he could never forget about the girl he loved, but he did. She thought she was forgotten.


8. Chapter 8

~Niall POV~

I looked for Rebecca until Hailey and Britney left. I knew she was the one who made them leave. Well i guess we still have the concert right? She cant get away from me there.

~Zayn POV~

When Hailey and another blonde girl came up to Britney and I, I assumed the other girl was Rebecca. I really like Britney and maybe if it works out between us Niall and Rebecca will make up.

~Rebecca POV~

I woke up and i had a headache. It was 10:00 am. The concert was in 3 days so it has to go away before or im not going. The longest ive had a headache was a week.(true story bro). I went downstairs careful not to wake Britney up. I went to the cupboard and grabbed some ibuprofen and some of my migraine medicine.

I was taking my pills when someone knocked on the door. I was wearing green plaid pajama shorts with a green and blue striped tank top. Plus my hair looked like crap. I hope the person at the door is someone that I don't care if they see me like this.  I opened the door and couldn't believe my eyes.

~Louis POV~

I decided I would go next door because I need to meet Rebecca. Her little sister is super pretty to so maybe I can get to see her too. I knocked on the door.

~Hailey POV~

I heard someone at the door. So I went downstairs. I saw Rebecca in front of the door and Louis was at the door. I hurried back upstairs and got dressed and threw my hair in a pony tail. I hope he was still here. I really like Louis.

~Rebecca POV~

It was Louis. I wonder what he wanted.

"uhhh...may I help you?" I asked

"Yeah um are you Rebecca?" He asked

"Possibly why?"

"Well...uh...can I come in?"


We came inside and sat on the couch.

"Sooo why are you here?"

"Well I heard you and Niall grew up together."

"What?! From who?!" I think I scared him a little bit with my tone.

 "Uhh your sister came over and she accidently told all of us."

"How could she 'accidently' tell you?"

"We were all messing around and she told us a story about how you jumped off the roof and yeah then Niall looked really sad and Hailey said sorry and Niall told us the whole story of you and him."

"There is no me and him anymore, not since he left for X-Factor and became famous."

I got up and grabbed a carton of ice cream. I was just really craving ice cream at the moment. I sat back down and Louis started talking to me again.

"Would you ever give Niall a second chance?"

"I don't know, he hurt me a lot and I just couldn't take it anymore. We could be best of friends one minute then we would be fighting. He would say he would never hurt me ever again, then he goes and makes out with the girl I hate the most. When he left for X-Factor he said he would stay in touch and that he would never forget me. Well he kept that promise now didn't he."

"Look Rebecca, Niall never meant to hurt you all of those times."

"How do you know?"

"Because he said he never knew he was hurting you."

"well he did and its hard to forgive someone when they have hurt you that bad"

"Well please think about it, hey is your sister around?"

"I think she's still-" Hailey cut me off by saying

"yeah im here"

I was super surprised when Louis asked "Hailey do you wanna hang out today?"

"Sure" She answered.

I was speechless


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