Thought I was Forgotten

Isn't it funny how they say love will always find a way? That cant possibly be true. Niall and Rebecca were best friends. Until the day when Niall decided to live his dream. He left for X-Factor right after the huge fight. Niall said he could never forget about the girl he loved, but he did. She thought she was forgotten.


6. Chapter 6

~Rebecca POV~

I am kinda scared to go to that party. What if Niall sees me?  What will happen then?  Well I guess I have to see him sooner or later right?  Considering I have to go to that concert, speaking of it was in a week. As I was getting up off the floor my parents walked in the house with my siblings.

 "Hey are you going to Nialls party tonight?" My sister Hailey asked me.

How did she know about it? I just found out.

"Yeah we were just about to go get ready, why?"


"Go ask Niall I guess but don't mention that im home just ask if you can go leave me and Britney out of the conversation."

"Fine whatever"

She walked out the door. Tyler went to his room to play his xbox. My parents went to go watch one of the favorite shows River Monsters. Its about big fish, that these crazy people try and sometimes succeed to catch them. Im surprised one hasn't been eaten by those huge dinosaur fish yet.

Me and Britney went to go get ready.


~Hailey POV~

I hope Niall will let me come to his party. I haven't seen him in forever and I really like One Direction so it would be a dream come true. I walked up to his door and rang the door bell. Harry answered the door.

"Um...Can I help you?" he asked.

I could tell he thought I was a crazed fan who tracked them down.

"Can I talk to Niall pleassseee?"  I begged.

"Yeah I guess" He left to go get Niall.

When Niall came to the door had a very confused/questioning look on his face.


"Niall!!" We gave each other a big hug.

"Do you want to come in?"


We walked inside and I saw all the boys. Keep calm Hailey don't freak.

"Who's this?"  Louis asked

"Um...she lives next door we grew up knowing each other." Niall said

"So the reason I came over here is I heard you were having a party and didn't invite me but invited someone else who is very close to me."

"Oh yeah you can come sorry you must have slipped my mind little sis, who did I invite that is really close to you?" He said ruffling my hair.

"I cant say I have specific orders to keep them out of this conversation"

  "O..k...could you just give me a hint please"

"Nope because if I tell you her name or anything about her you will know who it is."

"Well what if you tell me there middle name, I don't know anyone's middle name unless I know them really well"

"Well you know her middle name so I cant tell you"

"Wait its a her?"

"Yupp, now I have already said way to much she is gonna kill me already so bye"

Before I could walk out the door Niall jumped in front of it.

"Move now." I said sternly.

"Tell me who it is or I will have to use your biggest weakness against you."

"You wouldn't dare."

"Has anything stopped me from doing it before?"


"When was that?"

"When Rebecca jumped off the roof"

Once those words came out of my mouth I regretted them.Nialls eyes turned from happy to hurt the minute I said Rebecca's name.

"Yeah I remember that now, Go home get ready for the party"


"For what?"

"What I said"

"Its fine I should have known that coming here would bring her back to me somehow, I cant stay away from her here"

"Well you will see her tonight so look for her, she will be trying to avoid you so try to stay hidden if you find her"

"thanks for the info, see ya later"


After that I walked back to my house.


~Niall POV~

I just now realized I haven't thought about Rebecca until I came here, I mean a few thoughts every now and then but nothing made me feel like her sister just did by saying her name.

"What was that about mate?" Liam asked

"Uhh its a long story"

"Well we want to know, because I can tell that really hurt you and you need to tell us so we can help you."  Louis said.

I guess I have to tell them my long story, great this is gonna be fun.


 "Well I was best friends with this girl named Rebecca. We did everything together and she was absouletly beautiful, or I thought so anyway. The day I left for X-Factor we had a huge fight and haven't talked to each other since. I forgot about her for the most part. I should have known that coming back here for awhile was gonna hurt me a lot but I needed to do it sooner or later so I decided sooner would be better. When Louis said he saw a blonde girl outside I didn't think it through. When I got to the door of the house next door it hit me that it was her. I was glad her friend opened the door because if she did I know she wouldn't talk to me. When her sister came over I didn't think about the person that was supposed to be kept out of the conversation. It was Rebecca, that means shes home, im not gonna bother her im gonna see if we run into each other, if we don't I don't care. I will just try to move on I guess, it will be hard but I will try."


"Wow, you go way back then don't you?" Zayn asked

"Yeah we do. Sometimes I think it's to far back"

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