Thought I was Forgotten

Isn't it funny how they say love will always find a way? That cant possibly be true. Niall and Rebecca were best friends. Until the day when Niall decided to live his dream. He left for X-Factor right after the huge fight. Niall said he could never forget about the girl he loved, but he did. She thought she was forgotten.


4. Chapter 4

~Rebecca Mom POV~

I am so happy Rebecca is going to that One Direction concert. She needs to see Niall, I didn't like how they ended things and it seems like he has forgotten what there friendship was like. Me and Nialls family planned to have Niall stay for awhile and Rebecca doesn't know but we were the ones who said they 'won' One Direction tickets with backstage passes.

All we had to do was ask Niall for two front row tickets and some V.I.P.  backstage passes and he gave them to us. I just hope they make up and maybe Britney will get a long with the band so she could convince Rebecca to talk to him.


~Niall POV~

Me and the band are flying to Mullingar in a week, the concert is in two weeks. I really hope some of my old friends come to see me I really miss some of my childhood friends. The boys are super excited to meet them. I hope they will all get along because im having a party the first day we get there so I can catch up with most of them.


~Rebecca POV~

I promised Britney I would give her a little tour of Mullingar. I woke up to Britneys phone singing One Thing. I told you she was a huge Directioner. It was her mom just seeing how she was doing. I got up and went downstairs to get breakfast. Ooo we have cinnamon rolls it is so rare that we have these so I got one for me and Britney a white and heated them up in the microwave that way they would be nice and warm yummy.

After we ate we brushed our teeth and did our hair I just straightened it and she put it in a headband. I got dressed into ripped jean shorts and a purple t-shirt with a white cami underneath because it is a V-neck. Britney wore a white sun dress that is super cute.

I decided I would take her around the neighborhood and stuff first, so I told my brother Tyler where we were going because he was the only one up. I showed her around the neighborhood and she really liked it. We were just about to head into a store when a very familiar voice.


It was Tanner we use to be friends before he accused me of saying and doing stuff I didn't and a whole bunch of other B.S. I turned around and faked a smiled.

"The one and only" I said.

"I thought you lived in the U.S. now"

"I do but im coming back because im being forced to go to the One Direction concert and I wanted to see my family."

 Britney kicked me when I said she was forcing me.

"Oh I figured you would want to go to the One Direction concert considering-"

I cut him off by saying "No actually I don't really but it also have backstage passes so its going to be interesting I guess"

"Well it should I guess, hey is it true that you had a big fight with Niall before he left for X-Factor?  Everyone has been talking about it for like the last 3 years."

"Yeah its true that's kinda why I didn't want to go but I guess it will be good for me to see him again I didn't really like how things ended"

"What you know Niall?!?! You said you only saw him but never talked to him." Britney exclaimed.

"Oh she more then knows him they were best friends and no one could separate them if they tried they were true friends. Probably a little bit more then friends sometimes."

Tanner was just making this worse, just another reason not to like him. He cant keep his mouth shut.

"How come you never told me?"

"It seemed unimportant and its hard for me to talk about and I kinda forgot about how true our friendship really was."

"Well its okay I know now and im gonna help you and Niall become friends again."

We said goodbye to tanner and walked into the store. I knew the store owner so I got a discount and she to also mentioned Niall. I should have known that with taking Britney here I was gonna have to tell her I cant stay away from Niall if im here. There are way to many memories and way to many people who knew how good of friends we were.


~Britney POV~

I cannot believe this. Why didn't she tell me she was friends with Niall. Maybe she was afraid I would use her. Or maybe she was telling the truth when she said she thought it was unimportant, she didn't like talking about the fight and that she forgot how true there friendship was.

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