Thought I was Forgotten

Isn't it funny how they say love will always find a way? That cant possibly be true. Niall and Rebecca were best friends. Until the day when Niall decided to live his dream. He left for X-Factor right after the huge fight. Niall said he could never forget about the girl he loved, but he did. She thought she was forgotten.


40. Chapter 34

~Rebecca POV~

I must be dreaming, but this all seems so real. It cant possibly be true right? I was sitting on the couch in the living room with everyone else. Tears were rushing down my face and I know Niall was trying his hardest not to cry to, but he still was. Paige, and Britney were crying with me just because seeing me cry made them upset.

Yesterday was amazing and then today I have to live with knowing this?! How is this fair? Is this God's way of punishing me for all the terrible things I have done in my life? I wonder if Hailey knows. Oh gosh, Hailey would be crushed. She would come back here and it would hurt Louis all to much. I will wait to see if she calls me or not.

Niall got up to go get me a glass of water. I don't want to eat or drink right now but I know I have to or else Niall will get to worried about me. I cant put that kind of stress on him. He sat back down and I took a sip from my glass.

He took his hands in mine and asked "Im helping you guys cover the costs. I don't care how much it is, im helping."

"Niall, no. This is my mom, not yours" I argued.

"Rebecca, your mom is my mom. She always has been my second mom and always will be. Im not letting you do this alone"

I was going to argue back but Liam jumped in "We all will. Even if we don't know her very well. We cant stand back and watch you struggle with this"

"How much do you think cancer treatment for my mom will cost? My dad said that its pretty bad and its going to cost ALOT of money"

"Well all of us put together can pay ALOT of money. Your mom is going to make it"

"You cant say that Niall because we don't know for sure"

"I know princess, I know." He said pulling me in for a hug.


~Britney POV~

I cant believe Rebecca's mom has cancer. When I heard someone crying I thought I was dreaming but I wasn't. I came downstairs to Niall holding Rebecca in his arms silently crying with her. I instantly ran back upstairs and got Zayn because its obviously pretty serious if Niall is crying to, plus Rebecca was crying really REALLY hard.

Zayn woke Liam, Paige, and Louis up while I went downstairs. I walked over to the couch and sat next to Rebecca. I grabbed her hand and hugged her with Niall while I was thinking about all the possibilities of things that could've happened. I thought of the good and the bad but her mom having cancer NEVER crossed my mind.

"Britney?" Zayn asked bringing me back to reality.

"Hm?" I said staring at the floor.

"We have to go pack so we can get back to Mullingar before Rebecca's parents and brother"

I nodded before walking up the stairs and getting ready to pack.


~Paige POV~

Liam and I were upstairs packing when my phone buzzed. It was from Britney.

From: Brit :P

We should all hang out tonight. Niall suggested that we could take her to the movies, lunch, and do a little shopping. Oh and he said we need to take her to the Aquarium. He said(and I quote) "Her seeing the fishies will take her mind off her mom for a little bit"

To: Brit :P

Yeah we should totally do that!! I think it would be good for her to see her 'fishies' haha I really do think it would help :)

From: Brit :P

Otay sound good. We will talk to her later.

Im glad we are able to help Rebecca get through this. I know if my mom got cancer I wouldn't be able to get though it without friends and my family support. I don't really have very many good friends back home though, or family. Most my family lives in Scotland and my friends are back home but they aren't as good of friends to me as Rebecca and Britney are.

We finished packing and moved everything downstairs. We were supposed to stay in this house a little longer, but I understand why we need to get home as soon as possible right now. Everyone else was coming downstairs or was already downstairs with their suitcases.

"The driver is out front" Liam said looking at his phone. I suspect he got a text or something.

We all walked out the front door. Niall locked the door and out the key in the plant beside the house, because that's where the owners who rent this place out hide it. We are riding home in a van with 4 rows in it, that's a pretty big van!!

Louis sat in the front with the driver(poor guy), I sat in the first row with Liam, Britney and Zayn in the second, and Niall and Rebecca in the back. I assume they need to be alone and away form people. Harry said he had plans today and would be at the house maybe tomorrow or later tonight.


~Harry POV~

I felt really bad for not going back with them, but I had plans with Jordyn and I wouldn't ditch her. She's to beautiful and I might not get a chance with her if I say that something came up. It was 11:30 now and Jordyn said her photo shoot would end about 12 ish, so I decided I would head to her hotel. Shit, one slight problem. I don't know which hotel it is, so I need to text her. I pulled out my phone and searched my contacts until I found hers. I texted her asking which hotel it was and she texted back within seconds. That means she's a fast texter, and I like that.

I drove to the address she told me to and found a parking spot. It was a nice looking hotel and the parking lot was fairly packed so it must have good service. Jordyn texted me saying she was in her room and her room number was 38C on the third floor. I decided it would be better to take the elevator because then I don't have to risk being seen on the stairs by a fan. I know it was stupid not to wear a disguise but I was distracted.

I found her room and knocked three times. She answered the door almost immediately. Her hair was straight and she had ripped skinny jeans on with a long sleeve purple Aero sweatshirt. She still looked beautiful in casual clothes maybe if more beautiful than she did dressed up.

"Come in!! I just need to grab my phone, and some shoes. Then we can leave"

"Oh we don't have to leave if you don't want to"

"No I would prefer it. I don't really like hotels, they creep me out"

"Oh alright" I said laughing, she joined me seconds later.

"You have a beautiful laugh"

"Oh, thanks" She answered shyly, I could see the blush rising on her cheeks.

I watched her grab her phone off the charger and go to her suitcase for shoes. She was debating on a pair of black converse and purple/gray vans.

"Wear the vans" I suggested.

"Good choice. So where are we going?"

"Well we could go get some lunch if you haven't had any already"

"Yeah that's sounds great. I usually don't eat before my photo shoots"

"Okay well where do you want to go?" I asked her as we were exiting her hotel room.

"Outback, I love that place"

We took my car and drove to Outback. I really hope that Jordyn and I will stay in touch. The guys and I have a week until we have to go back to London to record songs, do interviews, meet and greets, and all those things. Our tour doesn't start until December. Rebecca and Britney have to go back to the U.S. for collage a day before we go to London.

We pulled into the parking lot and I turned the car off. I ran around to the other side to open Jordyn's door for her. She thanked me and we headed inside. I grabbed her hand because I just couldn't resist.


~Jordyn POV~

This day has been great so far. The shoot was amazing. They let me keep some of my modeling clothes today because they looked so good on me, at least that's what they said. Now im hanging out with Harry, and we are holding hands. My life has finally become more interesting. It used to be wake up, check the schedule, go to a shoot if I had one(if not I would have other plans), come home, eat dinner(Sometimes I would skip dinner), and sleep. That's pretty much it. I never really thought I had time for relashionships.

We walked into the restaurant and sat down. I ordered the Three Cheese Ravioli and Harry ordered the salmon. The waitress was eyeing Harry, but I didn't mind. Let's be honest...Harry is one attractive guy. So if someone is eyeing him, I don't blame them.

We fell into a calm, comforting conversation. The waitress came back with our drinks and said the food would be out in a minute. I never knew how funny Harry was. He is so cheeky and has the best smile.

The food came and we thanked the waitress. The food wasn't very appetizing tonight. It tasted kind of gross to be honest. "The food doesn't taste very good tonight" Harry said. I realized he only took one bite of the salmon and just got done with the salad. "You're right" I agreed. "Wanna ditch and go get McDonalds?" He asked. "Yes. Even though us models aren't supposed to have junk food, I don't care right now."

He laughed and got up offering me his hand. We paid the bill and quickly drove to McDonalds. We ordered our food and drove back to my hotel room to eat. We had the radio on but it was low enough to where I could hear his voice. It's amazing. We decided we would watch and movie and chose Grown Ups 2. It's hilarious.


~Harry POV~

When the movie was over and all the food was gone we were just sitting and talking. "What's your address in London. I might want to come see you when we go back in the next week" She laughed and said "2718 Ross Rd." I typed the address in my phone and saved it. This girl was absolutely amazing. She is funny, beautiful, and just plain perfect in my eyes. I don't know why she is still single. I am to lucky to have met her.

"Do you like going on tour around the world?" She asked. I thought about being on tour and found my answer. "I do, but I don't. It's hard leaving everyone behind. It's hard maintaining relationships. It's fun because of everything you get to see, and you get to meet fans. It's also lonely, because sometimes we have to leave people like you behind"

She smiled at me and I feel like I said the wrong thing. I moved and sat next to her. "Is everything alright?" I asked. "Yeah, its just. I don't know where this is going. Especially if I have to work all the time and so do you." She said gesturing to us. "This, will go wherever it wants to go. So what if we work all the time. Things will work themselves out. If its meant to be, it will be. If it's not meant to be it wont be"

"Where is that quote from Mr. Styles?" She asked. "Im not sure actually. I think I read it in a magazine once"

She laughed that beautiful laugh of hers. That laugh I was already falling for.


A/N: Sorrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy for not updating. I'm really just busy and im starting to get writers block easily. My mind likes to wander to other things also.

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