Thought I was Forgotten

Isn't it funny how they say love will always find a way? That cant possibly be true. Niall and Rebecca were best friends. Until the day when Niall decided to live his dream. He left for X-Factor right after the huge fight. Niall said he could never forget about the girl he loved, but he did. She thought she was forgotten.


37. Chapter 31

~Rebecca POV~

I decided it was time to talk to Hailey about her and Louis. I got dressed into my Lion King leggings with my Lion King shirt. I put on my short Uggs and walked to the boys' house. I left a note on the counter telling Paige and Britney where I was going. Sophie slept at the boys' house because they were all playing games and she didn't want to leave when I said I was going home.

When I entered the house I found Harry in the kitchen making breakfast.

"Hey Becca. Whats up?"

"Nothing. I need to talk to my sister."


"Speaking of her, have you noticed anything different with her and lou lately?"

"I noticed some tension but other then that no. Why?"

"I saw them fighting, and Hailey hit Louis."


"Yeah, so im going to talk to her"

I waved goodbye to him and went to Nialls bedroom. Him and Sophie were sleeping in his bed. I took out my phone and took some pictures. They looked so cute. I walked over to Niall.

"Niall" I whispered.

"What do you want?"

"Fine then"

I started to walk away when I heard.

"Wait!! Who are you?" He asked

"I don't know Niall who am I?"

He jumped out of bed and came over to me.

"Sorry I was just a bit tired"


"I was!! What are you doing here anyway?"

"Well hello to you to. Anyway im gonna go talk to my sister"


I kissed him on the cheek and turned to walk out of the room. I didn't even have enough time to spin all the way around when he stepped in front of me.

"You think he can get away that easy after waking me up?"


"How about no"

"How about whatcha gonna do about it?"


He crashed his lips to mine and I instantly kissed back. He put his hands on my waist and pulled me closer to him. I ran my fingers though his hair. The kiss was sweet and full of passion. Never would I have thought that I would fall in love with my best friend who hurt me 3 years ago. It seems like that was someone else's life and not mine. We pulled away breathless.

"I love you" He whispered

"I love you to" I said leaning my forehead against his.

"You guys really need to get a room" Sophie said.

We jumped back in surprise and I noticed she was holding her phone. OH MY GOD!! Sophie is a blogger for all the big One Direction news. She has asked me a few things to confirm either rumor or true. How could I forget?!?!

"Sophie you better not put that on your blog" I warned.

"Its to cute not to, oh and maybe Facebook and Twitter to? I think yes!!"

Its hard to believe shes only 10.

"Whatever, I have to go talk to my sister" I said turning back to Niall.

"Alright love, I will be down in the kitchen I smell food"

"Its Harry I talked to him on my way in"

Niall left the room and Sophie was on her phone. I walked to Zayns room to wake him up. I jumped on the bed and he mumbled something but im pretty sure it was 'Britney stop it'. That's cute.

"Its not Britney dumbo, Its Rebecca!!!"

That's when Zayn pushed me off the bed.

"Jerk, I guess you don't want breakfast then?"

He was up and out the door as fast as lightning. Now for Liam. I walked into he room and turned his phone volume all the way up. I set it by his ear and called him. He jumped up and looked like he was about to punch someone. I ran out of the room laughing.

Now for Louis and Hailey. I walked in and they were laying on opposite sides of the bed. The old Hailey and Louis I knew would be as close to each other as possible. I walked to Louis first.


He opened his eyes and rubbed them.

"Go downstairs and eat breakfast while I talk to Hailey"

He looked at me with pleading eyes and shook his head no. I pulled him out of bed and pushed him out of the room. I shook Haile awake(Not lightly either, but hey she's my sister so who cares)

"What Louis?!? Cant you see im trying to sleep?!"

"So this is how you treat him every morning?"


"That's me."

"What do you want?"

"I need to talk to you"

"About what?"

"You and Louis. Whats going on with you to? You used to be like best friends, inseparable, now its like you hate him."

"Its none of your business"

"Yeah it is, your my sister and he is my boyfriends band mate"

"I guess we just haven't been getting along, hes going on tour in the end of the month, your going back to collage, we don't spend time together anymore, I just I don't know"

"Well how about you to have a date night tonight?"

"Do you think he will want to go with me?"

"Hailey, Louis loves you. Of course he will. I do have one question though"


"Why wont you come home? That's probably why you aren't getting along is because your acting like a married couple. You guys are practically living together and you even sleep on your own sides of the bed."

"Good point, I will come home tonight"

"Okay now go give Louis a great big kiss and ask him if he wants to go out tonight"

She nodded and left the room. Hopefully this is all fixed now.


~Louis POV~

I really hope Rebecca isn't saying anything mean to Hailey. I was so nervous I didn't even want to eat Harrys delicious pancakes. I heard feet come down the stairs. I looked just in time for lips to collide with mine. I kissed back realizing who they belonged to. It had love in it and I felt that old spark. Hailey pulled away and looked me straight in the eyes.

"Can we go out tonight please? Like go eat dinner and see a movie?"

"Yes" I said before kissing her one last time.

I am so glad everything is back to normal...


A/N: SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY!!! I have been so caught up in everything else I don't have time to update :'(


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