Thought I was Forgotten

Isn't it funny how they say love will always find a way? That cant possibly be true. Niall and Rebecca were best friends. Until the day when Niall decided to live his dream. He left for X-Factor right after the huge fight. Niall said he could never forget about the girl he loved, but he did. She thought she was forgotten.


3. Chapter 3

~Niall POV~

I am so happy I get to go back home for a concert. Plus me and the boys get to stay for 6 weeks there just to rest after tour. Last tour we stayed at Harrys. The boys have already met my family but they like them so this will be fun. I hope.


~Britney POV~

Me and Rebecca got packed. I got up early so I could put our bags in the car and make cereal for me and Rebecca. Im not a morning person and neither is Rebecca but I couldn't sleep last night.

After I put our bags in the car I had to wake Rebecca up. "Rebecca time to get up"

"okay" she said and got right up. Um...okay?

"how did you get up so fast?"

"I pretended to sleep that way you would have to put the bags in the car and not me" she was smiling typical Rebecca but you gotta love her.


We ate and got dressed and did all our morning stuff. We decided that we would pay for our next 2 months rent so we did that, and by time we were done we had to get to the airport fast. We got there and hurried though security and all that boring stuff. We got on the plane just in time. Luckily me and Rebecca got seats next to each other.

We played games like I spy and tic tak toe and had a few thumb wars they were kid games but they pass time. We slept for a little while and talked about what her hometown was like. I was super excited. she promised me she would give me somewhat of a tour around town. When we landed we got our bags and went outside to wait for her mom to pick us up.


~Rebecca POV~

When my mom drove up I got in the front and Brit got in the back. I always get front, me and Brit will sometimes share the front seat.

"hey mom"

"oh my gosh you haven't changed one bit" she reached across the car and gave me a hug.

"uhh mom this is Britney."  I said gesturing to Brit in the back seat

"Hi Britney you can call me Melanie."


Britney can be a little shy at first but once she comes out of her shell she never shuts up. That's how I am it just takes me a little longer then her.

"Rebecca all your friends are so excited to see you, they have missed you so much."

"im really excited to see them to, I really think they will all get along with Britney too."

After I said that the ride home was quiet. When we got to my house I put my bags down and gave everyone a hug. I introduced everyone to Britney and it seemed like they would get along so I think these coming weeks will be fun.

Me and Britney went up to my room and I got in the shower while she 'explored' as she would call it then she got in after I was done.

When she got out she asked me "hey who's the blonde kid in all the pictures of you growing up?"

"ummm that's just someone who used to be my best friend but he moved a little while ago."    "how come you never told me about him, you guys seem really close."

"we were but things change and become unimportant"

She never said anything after that. I never told her about Niall because 1.she is a HUGE Directioner, 2.I was afraid she would use me to get to the band maybe 3.i forgot about most of the memories I had with Niall all I could remember was the fight and that's hard for me to talk about.


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