Thought I was Forgotten

Isn't it funny how they say love will always find a way? That cant possibly be true. Niall and Rebecca were best friends. Until the day when Niall decided to live his dream. He left for X-Factor right after the huge fight. Niall said he could never forget about the girl he loved, but he did. She thought she was forgotten.


31. Chapter 27

~Britney POV~

When Rebecca got out of the shower we all sat down in the living room and made Paige spill every detail. "YOU HAVE A DATE TOMORROW?!?!?!?!?!" Rebecca said jumping up and down on the couch. She nodded really fast and was smiling. I was laughing at Rebecca's strangeness. "I want ice cream" I said. "You always want ice cream" Rebecca said. "I know" I got up and went to Rebeccas freezer which is still full of ice cream from the other night. Rebecca and Paige followed me. We all grabbed a carton of ice cream.

I noticed that Rebecca had on a necklace that i've never seen before. "Um...Rebecca where did you get that necklace?" She looked at me then started blushing really badly. "Niall" She answered "Aww" Me and Paige said at the same time. "When did he give it to you?" Paige asked. "Last Night, We saw it at the festival. I told him that i loved it but i didnt want it because i had to many necklaces but he got it for me and surprised me with it when we got home last night. I havent taken it off since, well except for when i took the shower."

 "So you kept it on when you guys did it last night?" Britney asked. "WHAT?! How did you know about that?" "Zayn told me. All the boys know."  "How?" "I dont know but judging by your reaction its true" Her phone made a sound. "Austin tweeted" She said. "what does it say" Paige asked.  "beach day, im telling him ive never been to the beach. He wont care or see it but i can still hope and dream right?"

"OMG OMG OMG OMG I WAS THE FIRST ONE TO COMMENT!!!!"(Ive never been the first one to comment on Autsin tweets, i have on Alex but never Autsin). She was jumping up and down. She started crying and was trying to say something so i took her phone. He favorited her tweet and followed her. "OMG HE FOLLOWED YOU" All she could do is nodd. "What?!?!" Paige said. I handed her phone to Paige. " is not happening" Paige said. Rebecca was hypervenalating. She wouldnt calm down. "Are you okay?" Paige asked.


~Rebecca POV~

I started to hyperventailate and couldnt stop. What the hell was wrong with me?! I started weezing and knew this wasnt right. "Are you okay?" I nodded my head no and pointed to the drawer that my inhaler is in. I've had ashma since the 8th grade but havent had ashma attack since i was 15. Britney went over to the drawer amd started looking through it. She pulled out my inhaler and i nodded. I took 3 puffs of it and i started to regulate my breathing.

 I stood up "Im okay now" I said. Paige and Britney both had wtf looks on there faces. "what?" I asked. "You didnt tell us you have ashma?!" Britney yelled. "I havent had an ashma attack since i was 15 and im 20 now so its didnt seem like a big deal" I defended myself. "You should still tell us, what if something like that happened when we were at Nialls or something" Paige asked. "Niall has an inhaler over there'' i said. "You know what i mean" Paige said. "Okay im sorry, i have ashma, now you know" I said hopping onto the counter.

 Britney and Paige sat down at the counter and we were eating our ice cream, when we heard some loud booms. They sounded like gunshots or someone banging on the windows. Brit thought it was the boys pranking us so she looked at the sliding glass door, no one was there. We all slid behind the counter and Brit said she saw what looked like people running with flashlights in the front yard. Brits phone was upstairs and I had my phone but it was dead. Paige had her phone. We were freaking out.

"We need to call someone" Paige said. We all nodded in agreement. "Who?" She asked. "Niall" I said. "I only have Liams number" She said. "Then call him" Me and Britney said together. She found his contact and pressed the call button. "Come on Liam pick up" She said. She took the phone away from her ear and said ''He didnt answer, whats Niall and Zayns numbers?" ''I dont know Nialls yet, he had to get it changed because of the bands fame" I said. ''I dont know Zayns by heart yet, i only know the beginning numbers" Britney said after.

"Call Liam again" I said. she nodded and called him again. "He didn't answer" She said. "We need to go into a room, lock all the doors, and we cant forget our ice cream." Britney said. We nodded to scared to laugh at her. We got up and went to my parents room, not forgeting our ice cream.  We locked the bedroom door. We kept hearing the noises, we started to try and distract oursleves. We ended up eating all our ice cream, taking some cute selfies, tweeting, and annoying our fellow facebookers. We were in the middle of laughing over a tweet from a Directioner when we Paige's phone start ringing. We all jumped because it scared us. It was Liam.


~Paige POV~

When my phone started ringing i thought i died, like seriously it scared the crap out of me because it was soo loud. It was finally Liam, so i answered it.


L-Hey, you called? you hear those noises that sounded like gunshots or someone banging on the windows?

L-Yeah, it probably just the neighbors.

P-Britney said she saw what looked like people running with flashlights in the front yard.

L-So im guessing you guys are scared haha

P-Yeah were like terrified right now, we keep hearing them.

L-Well if you guys were so scared how come you didnt try calling everyone else?

P-We only have my phone and i only have your number

L-Well we can give the rest of the boys numbers later

P-Aren't you guys at least a little wierded out?

L-No, are you sure you girls are okay?

P- Yeah were fine, we are locked in Rebecca's parents room.

L-Okay well if you hear it more, it gets closer, or if you hear someone in the house call me back

P-'Kay, bye Liam

L-Bye Paige

After i hung up the phone we heard the loud bangs again but this time it was really loud and it sounded like someone was actually banging on the windows. We all looked at each other with terrified looks. I decided i wanted to see what it was, even though im probably gonna get murdered. I walked out of the door and i walked into the kitchen and i felt an arm go around my waist and one over my mouth. I screamed before they could fully cover my mouth.


~Britney POV~

We heard a scream and Rebecca and I turned to each other. We both got up to make sure Paige was ok. I walked to the door and looked around the corner when the lights in the room all turned off. I heard Rebecca scream,'' Rebecca?'' i  asked. There was no reply i felt a strong arm wrap around my waist. I started slashing around trying to get away. All of a sudden the lights turned back on and all the boys were standing there laughing. I was almost in tears, i looked over and Paige and Rebecca were on the ground in fatel position. I walked up to zayn and slaped him in the arm.'' What?'' he asked '' Really? You scared the shit out of us, and it was not funny!!'' I yelled at him.

~Rebeccas POV~

I walked up to Niall, when i was about to freak he said '' I sowwy'' with a puppy dog face. I couldnt help but laugh and so did the rest of us. We talked for a while then the boys decided they should go home.

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