Thought I was Forgotten

Isn't it funny how they say love will always find a way? That cant possibly be true. Niall and Rebecca were best friends. Until the day when Niall decided to live his dream. He left for X-Factor right after the huge fight. Niall said he could never forget about the girl he loved, but he did. She thought she was forgotten.


28. Chapter 24

~Louis POV~

Hailey wasnt next to me when i woke up so im guessing she already woke up. I went downstairs and heard people talking it sounded like Rebecca and Niall. I turned the corner and saw them in the kitchen. Niall was sitting in a chair at the table and Rebecca was making pancakes. "Why do you care?" Niall asked. "I just want to know" She answered back. I cant tell if they are really fighting about something or if its just fake. Niall got up and wrapped his arms around her waist from behind. "I honestly dont know where it came from and why it was in my room I dont even know how i knew it was there" She turned around and smiled at him. "Morning guys" I said before they could kiss. They both said morning as Hailey walked out of the bathroom. Her hair was went so im guessing she took a shower. "Morning" I said walking up to her. "Morning" She smiled at me. I grabbed her hand and we walked into the living room. We flipped through the channels until we found Nemo. "Niall!!" We heard Rebecca yell from the kitchen. We both looked at each other but shrugged it off.


~Rebecca POV~

Hailey and Louis went into the living room and i continued making pancakes. I had 5 done and there were 8 of us, i needed to make 16 for all of us to have two. Niall came and stole 3 of them. "Niall!!"I yelled trying to contain my laughter. I turned around to grab them. "I couldnt wait anymore" He said grabbing a plate. "Whatever i said laughing. Looks like im gonna have to make 17, but thats okay pancakes dont take that long. I was done in about 10 minutes. I had all the pancakes on a plate. I grabbed 2 pancakes, a plate, and the sugar. I eat my pancakes with sugar on them and nothing else. When i was done i remembered i left the pan on the stove.I grabbed the pan to put it in the sink. When i was scrubbing off all the pancake from the pan i forgot it was hot and stuck my hand on the bottem of it because it was slipping from my hand. I pulled my hand back really fast and started to grit my teeth to hold back the tears. I let the pan fall and i couldnt hold back the tears any longer. Niall came into the kitchen. "Princess whats wrong?" He asked with worry in his tone. I showed him my hand. My whole palm was burned. He grabbed my wrist gently and pulled me towards the door "Im taking Rebecca to the doctor" He quickly grabbed the keys and we got in the car. On our way to teh hospital he asked "How did you do that anyway?" "I put myy hand on the bottem of the pan i said laughing at myself. He laughed with me. When we arrived at the doctor we decided i would get faster treatment if i went to the emergency room. We told the woman at the desk why i need to be seen and she said she would get us in as soon as possible. We went and sat down in the waiting room. We sat on a loveseat because we didnt want to sit in those uncomfortable chairs. I rested my head on Nialls shoulder and he had his arm around me. "We've been coming here alot lately" Niall said. "Haha yeah" I sighed. They called my name and we followed the nurse into a room. Now we had to sit in the uncomfortable chairs. I had a 2nd degree burn. They gave me a cream i had to use twice a day and i have to keep my hand wrapped in bandages for a week. Well this is gonna be fun...NOT. We drove back to the house and me and Britney decided we were gonna go to the store for ice cream.


~Britney POV~

When i got up i put some shorts and a tank top on. I threw my hair into a messy bun and walked downstairs with Zayn. Everyone was in the living room except Niall and Rebecca. "Wheres Niall and Rebecca?" I asked. "Rebecca burned her hand so they are at the doctor" Louis said. "Okay" I said slowly while nodding. I noticed there was pancakes on the table. There was 4 left so me ad Zayn each got 2. We finished and put our plates in the dish washer and started it.

 Rebecca and Niall came through the door. They told us what happened and what the doctor said. "I want ice cream, Rebecca lets got buy ice cream" I said. "Okay" Rebecca said. I drove because I dont trust Rebecca driving with one hand. She might drive into someones house. When we got to the store we checked the list of all the ice creams we needed to get. We needed chocolate chip, cookies and cream, mint oreo, vanilla, chocolate, and reeces. We got a cart and went to the ice cream isle. We found all the ice cream and had the cart full of ice cream. We got a bunch of wierd stares but who cares. We ran our cart into someone elses on accident.

"Oh oops sorry that was our fault" I said. "Woah woah woah arent you Zayn and Nialls girlfriends?" She asked. She had really long strawberry blonde hair and green eyes that faded to blue in the middle. She was really pretty and about my height. "Yeah" Rebecca said. "They are like my biggest idols, oh and im Paige by the way" She said. Im surpirsed she hasnt fangirled, but hey thats a good sign right. "Britney" I said reaching my hand out to her. "Rebecca" Rebecca said while shaking her hand. "Do you want to come over for dinner tonight?" I asked. She seems nice so why not get to know her. "sure" she said smiling.

 We exchanged numbers and gave her Rebeccas address. We told her to be there around 5. Its currently 3:30. We went back to Rebeccas and put all the ice cream in the freezer. We cooked speggetti for dinner. Dinner got done around 4:45 and Paige got there around 5:00 so everything worked out perfectly. We ate some icecream and Rebecca suggested we play beer pong. That didnt sound so bad but Paige didnt want to get drunk so she didnt play which is okay.


~Liam POV~
Rebecca left her jacket over here and Niall was to lazy to go drop it off so i figured i would. I grabbed her jacket and told the boys i would be back in a second. When i was on Rebeccas doorstep i heard laughing and music from inside. I knocked three times before opening the door.

 "Hiya Liam" Britney said slurring her words. They were drunk. It wasnt then until i noticed a girl standing next to Rebecca. "Hey um are you drunk?" I asked. "Nope" Rebecca said popping the 'P'. "This is Paige and you guys should date" Britney said. "Okay well this just got akward" said the girl who i assume is Paige. She didnt seem drunk. "Are you drunk also?" I asked. "No, i didnt want to get drunk so i let them play beer pong by themsleves." She said. So thats how they got drunk. "lalalalala i love fishys" Rebecca said. I started to laugh and so did Paige. Britney fell over cuz she wasnt paying attention when she was walking. That made me laugh even harder. I might as well invite the rest of the boys over to see this.

 "I didnt think they were this drunk" Paige said. "Oh its fine. Is it alright if i invite the rest of the boys over?" I asked making sure she wouldnt feel to akward with 2 drunk girl and 5 guys in the house. "Yeah" she nodded. "Okay i will be right back" I said. I placed the jacket in the coat closet before exiting the house. Paige is really pretty, i might have a crush on her if thats even possible to have a crush on someone you just met. I opened the door to Nialls house and all the boys looked at me. Hailey was still over here to.

"Niall and Zayn...your girlfriends are drunk." I said. "What?" Niall asked. "Yeah they invited a friend over and they got drunk" "Well who was the friend?" Hailey asked. "A girl named Paige, oh but Paige did the smart thing and didnt get drunk" "I've never heard of Rebecca having a friend named Paige" Niall said. "Well lets go over to there house because tey are super funny drunks" I said. "Okay" Zayn answered.


~Paige POV~

I cannot believe i just met Liam Payne and im going to meet the rest of One Direction soon. Im not one to fangirl. I was sittin on the couch watching Britneys attempt to get up from the ground with Rebecca trying and epicly failing to help her. The front door opened and One Direction walked in with Louis' girlfriend a.k.a. Rebeccas little sister. "Im back" Liam said while sitting next to me. I introduced myslef to the rest of the boys and Hailey. "We need help" Britney whined. We shook our heads no and Rebecca said "You guys are poofaces made with extra poop." Rebecca said. We all laughed. Rebecca started whining for Niall to help her/insulting him because he didnt and Britney was doing the same with Zayn.

Liam turned to me and asked "So are you from around here?"    "Yeah, but im moving to London so i can go to college"       "Are you just recently graduated?"         "I took a year off between High School and College so im 20"         "Whens you brithday?" He asked moving a little closer.      "January 12th" I answered. "You have the same birthday as Zayn"  "Yeah i know"   "So are you a Directioner?" "Yeah" Its still sinking in that im having a conversation with Liam Payne. We talked for a little bit longer but i needed to go home. I gave Liam my phone number and i headed home. When i got home it was 10:00 and i was tired.


A/N:Sorry i haven't updated in awhile and sorry if the chapters boring.

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