Thought I was Forgotten

Isn't it funny how they say love will always find a way? That cant possibly be true. Niall and Rebecca were best friends. Until the day when Niall decided to live his dream. He left for X-Factor right after the huge fight. Niall said he could never forget about the girl he loved, but he did. She thought she was forgotten.


26. Chapter 23

~Zayn POV~

I woke up with Britney next to me. The memories of last night came rushing back. I smiled down at her. Her eyes fluttered open and looked at me. She smiled and snuggled closer to me. I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her as close as i could. She whispered in my ear "I love you." I smiled even bigger and i felt a smile grow on her lips too. "I love you too." i said and looked at her. She kissed me and i kissed back. We sat and talked for a little bit then heard the front door open. We both looked at each other with wide eyes. We jumped up and started putting clothes on. Just in time to because Rebecca opened the door. I glanced at the time and it was 12:00. Wow we slept for a quite awhile. "You guys are lazy. We've been waiting for you too wake up forever. I thought you went to bed when we finished the movie?" She said. "We did. We were just tired." Britney said and you couldnt even tell she was lying. "Ok. Well Louis wants us all to play truth or dare. He wanted me to  come wake you guys up so you could play." She said. "I was going to shower real quick." She said. "Ok well hurry up." She said and walked out. She shut the door. "Im going to shower. I guess i'll meet you at Nialls house." She said. "Alright." I said and walked up to her. We kissed and i left. I went back to Nialls house and showered then changed into jeans and a Jack Wills sweat shirt. I walked downstairs and Britney was there too. She was wearing plaid shorts that looked like pj shorts with a navy blue football (Soccer) Jersey with her name in white letters on the back. It was #1. Her hair had a french braid going down her part and led into a messy bun. It was really pretty. Rebecca, Hailey, and the rest of the guys were sitting in a circle on the ground in the living room. We were motioned over to the cirlcle. I sat criss cross in the circle and Britney sat next to me but i pulled her onto my lap. She laughed and i smiled and kissed her head. We were getting looks from everyone. "Why are you guys so happy today?" Rebecca asked. "I dunno." Britney answered. "Ok whatever." She said uninterested. We played truth or dare for like a half an hour. "Britney truth or dare. Louis asked. Britney must have known he had some pretty wicked dares because she chose truth for the first time in the entire game. "Alright. When did you lose your virginity?" He asked holding back laughter. She looked at me then at Louis. "Last night." She answered and everyone went wide eyed. Everyones mouths formed a 'o' shape and me and her just blushed madly. She hid her face in my chest in embarrassment. Rebecca finally spoke up. "Well now im really glad i stayed the night here...." She said. I laughed and covered my face with my hands and Britney still had her head in my chest. She shook her head in a 'Oh My God' way. The game ended and we were all sitting on the couches. We were talking about random things. Rebecca stood up. "Where are you going Princess?" Niall asked. "Aww you guys have nicknames for each other?!" Britney asked smliing. "Yeah i call him Nialler." Rebecca answered. "Aw thats so cute!" She said i laughed. "Zayn we need nicknames!" She said. "We do?" I asked smiling. "Yes because we need to be cute too." She said grabbing my hand. She's so cute when she's all excited. I laughed and shook my head 'no'. "Yeeessss!!!" She said and pushed me so i was laying on the couch. She layed on top of me resting her head on her hand. "Like what?" i asked. "Ummmm Z-Bear!!" I started laughing and i tucked a loose piece of hair behind her ear. "And you're B-Bear?" I asked. She nodded her head happily. "But I'll call you hot stuff in front of your friends!" She said. That made everyone laugh. I wrapped my arms around her and we started making out until someone said "no PDA please!" Hailey said. We laughed and sat up. Louis jokingly pulled Hailey onto his lap and kissed her passionatley and then pulled away and said "Yeah guys no fuckin' PDA!" We all laughed at that. Me and Britney got up and decided to go to my room just to talk. We talked about our past lives like about our family and stuff. We were talking about our hometowns, which i learned she lived in Billings, Montana in the United startes. "So that's why you have the cutest American accent i've ever heard!" I said. She smiled and said "I like your English accent better." We both chuckled and then Rebecca walked in. "Do you guys want to have a scary movie marathon?" She looked kind of annoyed. I nodded my head and Britney said "No" I turned to her and asked "Why?" "Um...because me and Rebecca love scary movies but we get scared easily" She said. "Yupp but Niall is forcing me to watch them so looks like you have to join Britney" Rebecca said. She sighed and said "Fine" We walked downstairs and we sat on the couch. We decided to watch a bunch of scary movies and the last one we were gonna watch is The Conjuring. Thats the scariest movie the girls have ever seen. We ate lunch/breakfast before we started the movies. We cooked a bunch of popcorn and everytime we switched movies we would cook more.


~No Ones POV~

They watched 7 scary movies. They watched the scariest movies last and the least scary movies first. All leading up to The Conjuring. Rebecca was almost on top of Niall because she was so scared. Britney was on top of Zayn and she had her head in his chest. Hailey was snuggled up to Louis and had her head in his side. All the boys never took there eyes off the TV screen. They never jumped or anything. The girls on the other hand screamed tons of times and jumped. At one point Britney and Rebecca were crying/laughing because they were so scared(when i get really scared i start crying/laughing and i cant breathe, but i love scary movies). After the 5th movie The boys got up to make more popcorn. The girls ran into the kitchen screaming. "What the hell is wrong with you guys?" Harry asked. "Something made a noise" Britney said. "Oh my gosh" Liam said. They walked back out into the living room and sat back down. Harry put in the 6th movie, Mama.


 "I hate this movie" Britney said. "Me tooz" Rebecca answered. Rebecca and Britney were sitting next to each other. Hailey was with Louis on the recliner and Liam and Harry were on the loveseat. At the part where you see Mamas face Rebecca and Britney screamed. The clung to Niall and Zayn. Everyone laughed at them. "Im going to have nightmares" Rebecca said. "Yupp me tooz" Britney said. "Whats the last movie called?" Hailey asked. "The Conjuring" Louis said. Rebecca and Britney looked at each other. "Oh god...this is gonna be one long night" Rebecca said. Britney nodded in agreement. Niall and Zayn made sure they watched the entire movie. They screamed 3 times. When the movie got over it was 10:00. The girls went home and the guys went to bed. When the girls were waling home it was pitch black out. They all clung to each other, every little noise was enought ot make them jump. They all slept in the guest bedroom because that had the biggest bed. They couldnt go to sleep at all. They couldnt even close there eyes because they were afriad someone or something was going to kill/eat them. Hailey was in the middle and Rebecca and Britney were on the edges of the bed.

At about 2:30 am the boys were sound asleep and the girls were still scared out of the minds. They were seeing things and kept hearing noises. "I want Zayn. Im scared. I want Zayn i want Zayn." Britney said. "I want Niall. Im scared and im not gong to be able to go to sleep" Rebecca said. "I want my LouBoo" Hailey said. They got up and ninja jumped to the door of the bedroom, so the monster under the bed couldnt get them. They all sprinted out of the room. Hailey was at the end. "Guys dont leave me behind im going to die!" Hailey yelled. Britney and Rebecca just ignored her and kept running. They got to the front door and they all grabbed hands. "On the count of 3 we run." Rebecca said. They all nodded in agreement then counted to 3. When they got to 3 Britney opened the door and once everyone was out she shut it. They all slowly walked to Nialls house and every noise they heard they would jump. At one point a horn honked and they full out sprinted to the guys front door. Rebecca opened it and the three of them all piled in. Rebecca slammed the door and they leaned against it. They were gasping for air because they ran so hard. "Oh.... My... God..." Hailey said. "I.... know.... right...." Britney answered. "Scariest.... trip... ever...." Rebecca added. Once they caught their breath they relaxed a little. "Im so scared right now." Rebecca said looking at the empty house. "Rebecca you should turn the light on." Britney said. "Ok but you guys have to come with so Mama doesnt get me." She said. They all agreed and started walking towards the light which was by the kitchen. They all slowly walked towards the light and when they turned it on the fridge made a loud noise. They screamed and turned around to run back to the door but when they turned around They saw 5 guys at the bottom of the stairs and one had a bat. They all screamed again but louder and fell to the floor. Britney went in fetal position and covered her head with her hands and squeezed her eyes shut while yelling "IM GONNA DIE IM GONNA DIE IM GONNA DIE!!!" Rebecca dropped to the floor and covered her head with her hands while her eyes were closed to and started crying. Hailey started crawling away in a panic not knowing it was Niall, louis, liam, harry, and zayn. The guys just stood by the stairs confused on what was going on. They were half asleep. "Guys! Guys!" Liam yelled. The girls all peeked through their fingers and when they saw it was just the guys they all jumped up and ran into their arms. "What are you guys doing here?" Niall asked. "Because the monsters and demons almost ate us." Haliey answered. "Niall why do you have a bat?" Rebecca asked. "Because you guys scared us." "But you've never played baseball." She said. He just sighed. "Now what?" Harry asked. "Now we are sleeping over because you guys were the ones who made us watch the movies in the first place." Hailey stated. "Ok." Niall said. Everyone went upstairs to go to bed.


~Hailey POV~

I followed Louis into his room and layed down on his bed. He layed down next to me and looked like he was almost asleep. I looked at his closet and i swear to god something moved in there. "Louis" I said shaking him. "Hmm" "Theres something in your closet" "No theres not go to sleep" "But i cant because once i close my eyes its gonna come out and kill me" He got up and turned the light on. He walked over to the closet and looked in it. "Look theres nothing in there" He said gesturing to the closet. He shut the closet door and turned the light off. "Are you better now?" He asked. "No because im still really scared" I answered truthfully. He wrapped his arms around me and i buried my head into his chest. He started singing Lego House by Ed Sheeran. I fell asleep in the middle of the song.


~Rebecca POV~

I walked in front of Niall on our way to his bedroom. I slipped under the covers and stared at the ceiling. I was okay until Niall turned the light off then i got a little freaked out. Okay Rebecca dont think about the movies. Dont think about the movies. Think about...where Niall got that bat. "Hey Nialler?" I asked. "What?" He said with his face in his pillow. "So where did you get that bat?" I asked. "Rebeccaaaaaa" He said dragging out the 'A'. "I was just wondering because i know you never played baseball. So how did you find that bat?" I asked again. "It was under my bed." "Well why was a bat under your bed. You've never had a bat under your-OMG DID YOU SEE THAT?!?!" "I dont know why the bat was under the bed, and no i didnt see that." I could tell he was getting annoyed but i dont care. If he gets mad at me he will get over it. He always does. "Niall im scared" I said. "Then close your eyes" "But if i do the monster will get me" He sighed and turned ot face me. He pulled me closer to him and kept a tight grip on me so i felt safe. "We are finsihing the conversation about the bat in the morning mister" I said. I heard him chuckle then i fell asleep safe in  Nialls arms.


~Britney POV~

Once we got in Zayns room i ran and ninja jumped onto his bed. I heard him chuckle. I pulled the covers over my head. I felt the bed sink next to me, so Zayn must have laid down. He got under the covers and pulled the covers off my head. i looked up at him. "Im not going to sleep." I said. "Just dont think about the movies." "Thats not possible." I said. "What can i do to make you be able to go to sleep?" He asked. "Turn back time and agree not to watch the movies." "Unfortunatley i cant do that... Anything else?" "Nope." He sighed. "Want to know whats even scarier?" I asked him. "Hm" "When i get so tired that i can barely think straight, i hallucinate." I told him he laughed a little. "Well its 3:00am." He said. "Yup which is why there is a zebra wearing hot pink sunglasses behind you." I stated looking behind him. He distracted me from the scary thoughts i had from the scary movies until 6 oclock. "Come here." He said. i did as told and sat next to him. I didnt know what he was doing until he sat so his back was against the wall and he pulled me up to him so i was sitting between his legs with my back against his chest. He wrapped his arms around me and i relaxed in his arms. He quietly sang in my ear Kiss Me by Sixpence None The Richer and i slowly fell asleep.

~Zayn's POV~

I sang quietly in her ear Kiss Me by Sixpence None The Richer until i felt her relax and her breathing get heavier. I kissed the top of her head and laid her next to me. I scooted down so i was laying down and she rolled over so she was facing away from me. I scooted closer to her and wrapped my arms around her waist. I slowly drifted off to sleep.

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